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Social Media Sites As Learning Tool

Use Social Media as a Learning Tool Facebook EARLIER SOCIAL MEDIA SITES WAS JUST A PLATFORM THAT ALLOWS PEOPLE TO 96% SOCIAL NETWORKING :- YouTube COME AROUND AND SHARE AN IDEAS OF INTEREST, AND SHARE MOMENTS BUT NOW TRENDS HAS CHANGED. SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY COULD USE IT TO 84% Blogs 20% Twitter ADMISSION INTAKE, TRAINING SESSION AND MUCH MORE. 14% MySpace 12% LinkedIn SIMPLIFY EDUCATION PROCESS LIKE - 10% Percentage of students who use each platform 41% Students increase their usage of the Social Media 36% Students do not change their use of Social Mědia Networks on a typical weekend day 90 80 The majority (89 percent) of students use' these networks for social reasons and entertainment. About a quarter (26 percent) of students educational reasons, and 16 percent for professional reasons. 70 60 social media for use 50 40 30 20 10 Students using Social Media Students claim to spend the most time on social media: Students are most likely to use their smart phone (over a laptop, desktop or tablet) to access social media Students Using Social Media After Waking Up: 14% Late at Night: 16% Morning: 13% 75% Evening: 33% Afternoon: 24% Student Knowledge Level of Top Social Media Tools 50 40 30 20 10 Facebook Blogging YouTube Twitter Wiki | Very Knowledgeable Knowledgeable Somewhat Knowledgeable Not at all Knowledgeable TYPES OF SOCIAL LEARNING TOOLS STUDENTS USE MOST FREQUENTLY :- f Facebook Twitter Stunited Uniting Students Globally Social networking such as Facebook, has been ranked as the top 100 Twitter , a free social online networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and receive messages of Stunited is one of the world's most comprehensive network for the examples of learning tools that people use most frequently. students, educational up to 140 characters. organisations, professionals and related businesses. TYPES OF SOCIAL Learning TOOLS :- Formal learning Informal learning The process of acquiring knowledge happens within a school, college, institute or university Informal learning environment mostly happens during the conversation between people, and also the enlargement and exploration of personal experience EFFECTIVENESS OF SOCIAL LEARNING TOOLS :- Convenience :- Promote commerce:- Yammer to share their working experience with others, they can also discussing the project process by posting their ideas on the forum. They don't necessarily to have a meeting which makes their working more convenience. If the business creates a forum for customers to write their feedbacks, they can have more ideas about how to improve their products, which helps the company to 'create better marketing strategies. Cost-efficient :- People who watch "MasterChef" learn how to cook dishes without paying anything. They don't need to and have go training in the Food Institufe, which help them to cut their daily budgets. DRAWBACKS OF SOCIAL LEARNING TOOLS :- Increase the rate of plagiarism in students coursework Purchase of multimedia equipment and some facilities may be necessary Lack of face-to-face interaction |Stunited Brought By: Stunited.Org Uniting Students Globally

Social Media Sites As Learning Tool

shared by sawaram on Aug 09
Social media is part and parcel of our day to day life. Without it we can't survive in today's modern world. Even it go beyond that and making an internal part of learning tool. So here we have tried ...


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