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Should You Enter College? (Infographic)

Should you enter College? 63% 29.400$ By 2018, 63% of jobs will require college education Average students college debt was 29400$ in 2012. DO YOU ALWAYS SAVE MONEY? SINCE 1978, COLLEGE TUITION HAD INCREASED TO 1120% Does your dream job require college degree? Do you feel you are ready to pay back the loan? 70% 70% of college graduates had access to employer-provided health insurance compared to 50% of High School graduates. Do you want to guarantee yourself health insurance and retirement plan? e So, do you think that having a degree is obligatory to gain good job? 53% 46% According to a 2012 Federal Reserve 51,9% of all jobs in 2015 required Study, 30-year-olds who have never taken out a Bachelor or Higher degree 51,9% student lean are now more likely to own homes 46% of Americans belong to the than those who have never taken out loans. middle class, according to 2013 statistics. Would you be interested in Do you have enough $$$$ to enter and continue college? Would a trade profession be perfect for you? cheaper alternatives of education, 73% 41% such as online courses? Survey says that 73% of all students consume alcohol at 41% of students polled agree that online courses provide an effective mode of teaching and learning. 15% least occasionally. A college degree has a ROI of 15% per year. Do you feel that College education is a good investment? Would you be interested in cheaper alternatives of education, Do you feel that College education is a good investment? Would a trade profession be perfect for you? such as online courses? Zzz Would you treat a college degree as a major Are you prepaired for the job market? Do you believe you can succeed without a degree? Do you think you're a genius? life achievement? 35% 100 Junior and sophomore students feel higher amount of stress then other students 35% of the 1000 college students Average IQ across USA is 100. Einstein's IQ was 160+. polled said college was effective in preparing them for a job. Is it necessary for you to make a lot of new friends? YES NO 65-85% It is estimated that 65 to 85% of jobs are acquired through YES! GO FOR IT NO! FORGET ABOUT IT! networking. bestessay EDUCATION

Should You Enter College? (Infographic)

shared by bestessayeducation on Feb 12
If you got in trouble by asking yourself whether on not to enter college, you may get simple answer by our infographic!


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