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A selection of Acronyms

Chronological order | First Known Use Other examples Chronological order | First Known Use chronological order | First Known Use Chronological order | First Known Use MOVIES LLAP LOTR Live Long And Prosper Lord Of The Rings A selection 1917 1941 1975 1910 of. OMG Oh My God!** SOS Save Our Souls* COMMUNICATION Just In Case Too Much Information RADAR BIOS Basic Input/Output System 1990 1936 2005 1944 1995 1983 1991 1935 JIC TMI Radio Detection AFK Away From Keyboard VOD Video On Demand AKA and Ranging DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid USB MIDI FAQ FBI ACRONYMS SOCIAL NEET PIN Universal Serial Bus Frequently Asked Questions Musical Instrument Digital Interface Federal Bureau of Investigation Not in Education, Employment, or Training Personal Identification Number Also Known AS ORGANIZATION 1990 1954 1957 1987 1961 | 1945 Infographic by Juan Pablo Bravo Fédération Internationale de Football Association People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 2002 1993 BTW By The Way ASAP As Soon As Possible HDMI LASER PDF GIF WWF UN United Nations FIFA PETA An abbreviation formed from the initial grapheme(s) from each word in a phrase (expressions, descriptions or institutions names) High-Definition Multimedia Interface Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Graphics Interchange Format Portable Document World Wide Fund for Nature (World Wildlife Fund) TECHNOLOGY Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Portable Document Format Format ADSL IIIII PDF LATIN ORIGIN 1990 1955 1968 1992 1958 Ante Meridiem (before noon) Post Meridiem (after noon) Id Est (that is) Exempli Gratia (for example) In some cases this acronyms are also an abbreviation, contraction, initialism or Initialisations. 1993 1988 1947 AM Expressions DVD Technology LED URL Computer JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group Social FYI DIY NASA ISO PM Uniform Resource Locator I.E. E.G. For Your Information Do It Yourself National Aeronautics and Space Administration Digital Versatile Disc Light-Emitting Diode International Standards Organization · ABBREVIATION. · INITIALISM · BACKRONYM - · ACRONYM · formed from the inițials letters of each one of an abbreviațion formed from the first letters of words (pronounced separately, not as word) is constructed by taking an existing word and using his initial letters to create a new phrase (reverse acronym) a shortened form of a Sources written word or phrase used in place of the whole (in some cases become a word) 1985 1992 1990 1953 1979 1973 1949 Oxford English Dictionary Encyclopædia Britannica Merriam-Webster Dictionary Wikipedia The Phrase Finder the words in a phrase (pronounced 1984 WTF What The F&%#!! RTFM SMS Short Message Service LCD Liquid Crystal Display HTML HyperText Markup Language UNICEF NBA as word) 1980 1992 1976 1953 Read the F&%#1I Manual World Wide Web ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund UFO Unidentified Flying Object National Basketball Association LOL AVI Laughing Out Loud Audio Video Interleaved Online Etymology Dictionary Urban Dictionary In chronological order of the first known use Information and Infographic design by Juan Pablo Bravo Other examples: GIYF (Google Is Your Friend) | IDK (I Don't Know) ** The first known use was in 1917 letter to Winston Churchill. Other examples: CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) | HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) Other examples: RIP (Rest In Peace) | NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Other examples: GPS (Global Positioning System) | MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) * In this case. SOS is a backronym or reverse acronym, because the origin is a Morse code distress signal, is a ). The phrase associated came later. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. continuous sequence of three dits, three dahs, and three dits ( BY NO NOD

A selection of Acronyms

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A selection of Acronyms Infographic about Acronyms (formed from the initial grapheme(s) from each word in a phrase), initialism, abbreviation, initials. Four groups of acronyms: Expressions (e.g. OM...


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