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School Days Around The World

SCHOOL DAYS around the world FINLAND new CURRICULUM DUE IN 2016 Attend School: 9AM AT START, Fact: Finnish students have no uniforms, call teachers by their first name and have 30 minutes of homework a day. 5 HOURS A DAY Age 7 SOUTH KOREA Attend School: AT 8AM START Fact: Children often attend post-school tutoring which can continue until midnight. 7 HOURS A DAY Age 6 FRANCE Attend School: 8AM AT START Fact: Children have Wednesdays off and attend school on Saturday morning 6 HOURS A DAY Age 6 SWITZERLAND no NATIONnAL CURRICULUM 1:30-8AM uoo000oo0000 fact: Kindergarten Attend School: cioses for lunch causing parents an inconvenient trip back home as children have to be fed! 4-5 HOURS A DAY Age 7 SHORTEST SCHOOL DAY CHINA Attend School: START T 7am AT Fact: President Xi Jinping loves football so much he is making it part of the national curriculum up to 9 HOURS A DAY Age 6 LONGEST SCHOOL DAY GHANA Attend School: AT Fact: Computers are moved around frequently by students due to extremely limited numbers! AROUND Age 6 8 HOURS A DAY PAKISTAN Attend School: 9AM AT START Fact: Pakistan has one of highest rates for out of school children in the world (second). 6 HOURS A DAY Age 6 BRAZIL Attend School: AT 7AM Fact: School is compulsory but this is rarely enforced as poor children in rural areas usually work to support families instead. START. 5 HOURS A DAY Age 6 UK Attend School: AT ంoరర ంo000 START Fact: Second best education system in Europe after Finland. 6.5 HOURS A DAY Age 5 younGEST START AGE PRESENTED BY stuart morris HIGH QUALITY TEXTILE DESIGN A PRINT STARTA START. 9:50-8AM KOREAN SCIENCE FRENCH ART SCIENCE 8:45AM music TECHNOLOGY MATHS MATHS MATHS HISTORY HISTORY MATHS ENGLISH PORTUGESE MANDARIN ENGLISH RELIGIOUS MATHS ENGLISH AND MORAL ISLAMIC STUDIES MATHS GEOGRAPHY HISTORY GEOGRAPHY URDU HISTORY SCIENCE 3d 3d

School Days Around The World

shared by AlexGillham on Jun 14
A whistlestop tour of classrooms around the world - the typical school day in a selection of countries, the focus of their curriculums and some amazing facts about the school experiences of children a...



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