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School Bullying Outbreak

SCHOOL BULLYING OUTBREAK Bullies may think it's funny, but harassing peers is no laughing matter. Bullying leads to psychological and physical consequences that outlast the school day. Learn more about what school bullying is, who's likely to be a bully or bullying victim, how bullying is carried out and what we all can do to reduce or eliminate it from our schools. THE NUMBERS 1 out of 4 kids are bullied every month in the U.S. 160.000 KIDS MISS SCHOOL EACH DAY, FOR FEAR OF, BULLYING. 1 in 10 drops out of school due to repetitive bullying. Nearly 9 in 10o LGBT students have been bullied about their orientation in the past year. WHO GETS INVOLVED IN BULLYING? 81% of bullying acts aren't reported to adults. 71% of students say bullying is a problem at their school. 56% of students have seen bullying in their school. 42% of students have bullied a peer. 31% of students have been bullied by a classmate. of middle school students have threatened to harm another 13% student. 20% of high school students say they've been bullied in school during the past year. WHAT QUALIFIES AS BULLYING? • Exerting power, whether to control or harm, over those who have difficulty defending themselves • Acting or speaking with the intent to harm THE BULLIES THE VICTIMS 56% OF STUDENTS WERE INVOLVED IN AGGRESSION, VICTIMIZATION OR BOTH: 25% 17% 14% of kids involved in bullying were aggressors bullying were AND victims of kids involved in were fully aggressors complete victims BULLY RISK FACTORS VICTIM RISK FACTORS Impulsivity Previous victimization Harsh parenting • Difficulty making friends • Low self-esteem • Quietness METHODS OF BULLYING of students have been cyber bullied 1%% (via text, websites, instant messaging). 5% have been intentionally excluded from activities. 11% have been physically bullied (pushed, trípped, spit on, etc.). 18% have been talked about in rumors. 21% have been called names or otherwise insulted. CYBERBULLYING 7 VENUES OF CYBERBULLYING 1. Text messages 30% UR NOT COOLI! 11% 2. Cell phone photo/ video sharing 3. Phone calls 4. Email 11% of students have participated in cyberbullying 5. Chat room 6. Instant messages 30% of middle schoolers have been cyberbullied at least twice in the past month 7. Websites PERSONAL CONSEQUENCES OF BULLYING FOR VICTIMS •Depression •Anxiety •Headaches/stomachaches •Decreased academic performance •Physical injury FOR BULLY-VICTIMS FOR BULLIES • Subject to all of the risks facing both bullies and victims • Substance abuse • Academic problems • Continuing patterns of violence BEER CHILDREN WHO BULLY BY AGE Ở ARE 4 TIMES AS LIKELY TO HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD BY AGE 30. PREVENTION: KEEP BULLYING OUT OF SCHOOLS There are currently anti-bullying programs in place at schools, but most aren't very well monitored. Here are some steps to begin addressing the problem of school bullying: Increasing supervision to limit aggressive interaction between students. Enforcing rules and behavior management to assist in the detection and diffusion of bullying. Implementing a school-wide anti-bullying policy. Rallying parents and staff together to be vigilant for signs of bullying. of students believe schools 35.5% can help prevent bullying. USCRossier MAT@USC

School Bullying Outbreak

shared by USCTeacher on Jan 20
In accordance with Bullying Awareness Week, which took place just about a month ago, and it’s theme — “Stand Up!” (to bullying) — we created this infographic, “School Bullying Outbreak,”...


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