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100000 ABCDE 200000 ABC 11 O00 A в с 12 O00 eton ANSWER SHEET ABCDE Magoosh RSITY 14 000 리 31 2 ABCDE S00000 SAT vs ACT ABCDE А всD 16 0000 ABCD ABCDE 33 95 C 49 c ABCDE ABCD 50 용 ABCDE ABCD 35 19 0000 Students preparing for college admissions are often confused about which admissions test will make their college applications stronger - the ACT or the SAT? While neither test is "better" and most great schools accept either, it's important to consider both the similarities and differences before you register. lo 51 ABCDE ABCD 20 00000 36 37 c c AвсDE ABCDE 52 0000 ABCDE BIRTH DATE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER MO. DAY YR. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP Jan O ABCDE 5300000 ABCDE SPECIAL CODES ABCDE ABCDE | 98 | 기 151431 540000G Note: This infographic reflects changes to the SAT beginning in Spring 2016, aka the "New SAT". Overview SAT ACT The SAT is a reasoning test. It's meant to test your ability to combine information and analyze real-world problems. The ACT is a content-based test. It's meant to test skills you learn in school. i what is it? It's known for: straightforward questions but serious time pressure. It's known for: trickier questions. when is it taken? Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, March, May, June Sept, Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June Tip: Know early which test is the right fit for you. ACT SAT Take a practice test of both the SAT and ACT or compare your PSAT and Aspire results. Many students do better on one test than the other! Content SAT ACT might be better for you if... mi be better for you if... you like to read the "classics." You're good at understanding historical documents. you are a fast reader and detail-oriented. Reading you are good at doing math by hand (there is a no-calculator section). you are good at mental math and finding shortcuts. Math you don't like science! no science test here! you like science and are good at interpreting tables and graphs and connecting information. Science you like informational graphics. (There are several questions that ask you to use data from charts and graphs.) you're not as confident in your reading skills. The passages are easier. English/Writing Essay (both are optional) you're good at analyzing texts in your English class. (You have to analyze how someone else develops an argument.) you're good at winning arguments. (You have to analyze different perspec- tives on an issue and present your own.) Tip: If you like Science, take the ACT. Although most of the questions have to do with reading tables and graphs rather than actual science knowledge, you'll be way more comfortable on this section if you're into U-SEROO the material. Format SAT ACT 3 hours without the essay; 3 hours 50 minutes with the essay. 2 hours 55 minutes without the essay; 3 hours 35 minutes with the essay total test time Writing & Language (no-calculator) 35 min Math Reading 65 min Math (with calculator) Essay (optional) 50 min Intro 30 min 25 min 55 min SAT Intro 30 min English 45 min Math 60 min Reading 35 min Essay (optional) 40 min Science 35 min ACT 8:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm 1:00 pm Tip: If you're a slow reader, consider the SAT. The SAT, on average, gives you more time per question. SAT: 1 min 10 seconds per question ACT: 50 seconds per question Scoring SAT ACT 400-1600 1-36 (two scores of 200-800 from Math and Reading/Writing combined); three separate scores on optional essay from 2-8. (4 scores of 1-36 for each test, averaged and rounded to the closest whole number); optional essay score from 1-36. (A+ Total Score: X Incorrect Answers: no point deducation no point deducation Correct Answers: + 1 point + 1 point >> Omitted: no point deduction no point deducation There is no advantage to taking both tests. You don't need both. Saturday mornings are meant for sleeping, not standardized tests. Prep smart, go far. Enjoy the ride. Magosh


shared by Magoosh on Mar 29
fun infographic comparing the SAT and the ACT for Magoosh, an online test prep company.




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