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Royalty Around the World: Regal Crowns and Titles of the World's Elite

Royalty Around the iBorid Regal Titles and Crowns of the World's Elite Mansa Caesor Muôngdi (Translation: Emperor) (Translation: Emperor) Ancient Rome (Translation: Emperor) Ancient China Mali Empire Basileus/ Basissa Sultan/ Sultana Pharaob (Translation: Courtier of the Great House) Ancient Egypt (Translation: Emperor/Empress) Ancient Greece and Byzantine Empire (Translation: Strength) Ottoman Empire King/Queen tabaraja Tsar/Tsaring aharajnt (Translation: Emperor/Empress) Russia and Slavic Countries British Empire (Translation: Great King/Great Queen) Indian Subcontinent and Surrounding Tenno Oba Sapa Inca (Translation: Heavenly Sovereign) Japan (Translation: King) (Translation: The Only Inca) Yorubaland Inca Empire 來 Yong di-Pertuan Agong Kai ser Padishab (Translation: High King) Ottoman Empire (Translation: Emperor) German, Prussia, and Austrian Empires (Translation: He Who Was Made Lord) Malaysia Kbagan Toewang Tlatoani (Translation: Greatest King) (Translation: One Who Speaks) (Translation: Khan of Khans, King of Kings) Korea Aztec Empire Mongolia Ro/Reine Rana/Rant Król (Translation: King/Queen) (Translation: King/Queen) (Translation: King) France India Poland Prince/ Princess irza Dauphin (Translation: Prince of the Blood) (Translation: Heir to the Throne) Ottoman Empire France British Empire Sources: Original source:

Royalty Around the World: Regal Crowns and Titles of the World's Elite

shared by Michaelson on May 24
Feast your eyes on this collection of impressive crowns from places all around the world and empires all throughout time. These 24 crowns that have sat atop the heads of kings, queens, emperors, and l...




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