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The Rise Of Online Education

THE RISE OF ONLINE EDUCATION LEARN ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE, OFTENTIMES FOR FREE! Between the popularity of sharing information online and the rising cost of traditional education, an increasing number of free learning alternatives are being offered $22,261 $27,600 for an in-state public college, amounting to average net cost for private school, costing a total of THE AVERAGE $8,044 $110,400 OVERALL COST FOR THE 2012-13 ACADEMIC YEAR IS: for 4 years for 4 years 2 in 3 60% The total student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion, leaving approximately 2 in 3 students with college debt On average, graduates carry an amount of debt that is equal to 60% of their annual income » GROWTH FREE EDUCATION 2012 +29% Enrollment in online college courses of all kinds increased by 29% to more than 6.7 million students between 2010 and 2012 2010 IMPACT 15 Out of the "Impact 15" education innovators praised by Forbes in 2012, 5 of them were considered revolutionaries for their work in free education 77% 69% of academic leaders believe online education is essential to their long-term strategy of academic leaders believe online education is as good as or better than face-to-face traditional classes 00 J0000 00 J0000 0000 00 1,500,000 iPads Apple reports that there are 20,000 iPad apps related to education & learning, and 1.5 million iPads are currently used in MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES (MOOCS) GROWTH IN POPULARITY Lome join us/ SIGN UP! 40% 700 miLLIoN 5.5 MILLION of schools report that they plan to offer MOOCS within 3 years Coursera reports that Apple's iTunes University reports over 700 million downloads of course material 5.5 million students have signed up for its courses ADDRESSING THE "MASSIVE" PART OF MOOC 33,000 is the median number of students per MOOC 75% of students report signing up for a MOOC primarily because it was free 2,475 While the average pass rate for a MOOC is only 7.5% , this represents an average of 2,475 students per course, which is a far larger number than achieved by a traditional class Of those students who drop out, 29% 20% say they simply got too busy to continue the course report losing interest THE FUTURE OF ONLINE LEARNING INCREASE IN CERTIFICATION AND ACCREDITATION IU moocs 2 in 3 2 in 3 students report that they would be more likely to complete a MOOC if they could get college credit or a certificate of completion The American Council on Education has recommended 10 MOOCS worthy enough for receiving official credit 75% About 75% of professors who teach a MOOC say that they offer some sort of document certifying that a student has completed the course A handful of courses offer a more rigorous certificate - for instance, one that verifies the ID of the student - but also charge a fee for the SEVERAL STATE LEGISLATORS ARE PUSHING TO ACCELERATE THE EFFORT OF MAKING MORE MOOCS AVAILABLE FOR COLLEGE CREDIT IN ORDER TO REDUCE THE COST OF HIGHER EDUCATION EVEN WITHOUT OFFICIAL COLLEGE CREDIT, Completing a pree online course provides.: The ability to learn at any time, anywhere, and at your own pace A way to show initiative and drive to prospective employers, as well as time management skills A great resource to explore new fields without costly tuition A way to refresh your memory on topics you've studied in the past, or No downside for not completing the course if life gets too busy learn about new advances in the field O MORE PEOPLE ARE TAKING EDUCATION into their oun hands PROVIDING SCHOOL In the face of ever-present budget cuts and a constant lack of funds, teachers often end up being forced to struggle without the proper teaching materials MATERIALS In 2012, an overwhelming 99.5% of teachers spent an average of $485 out of pocket to purchase classroom materials la Bl Ce CREATING FREE Rajesh Kumar Sharma from New Delhi, India has Sal Khan started Khan SCHOOLS Academy by recording his own educational videos created his own school under a metro bridge in order to provide an education for the poor The organization now employs more than 35 staff and Khan himself has children of local laborers and farmers recorded over 3,000 OFFERING There are many non-profits aimed at providing free education for target populations FREE PROGRAMS CodeEd, for instance, addresses the gap in computer science education for girls who come from disadvantaged The program is run by a tech product The two personally paid for Linux OS-run notebooks for RailsBridge provides free weekend workshops for the middle-school students in consultant and MIT media arts and the program and teach them computer science topics women to learn sciences professor Ruby on Rails CROWDFUNDED EDUCATION Nearly 900 donors contributed to the Tech nonprofit, Black Girls Code, sought $100,000 in funding on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo These funds would ultimately provide scholarships and laptops for programming education and ongoing educational opportunities program, including tech entrepreneurs and companies Free EDUCATION RESOURCES ACADEMIC EARTH Curates a list of free video seminars and classes from varying schools, innovators, and leaders on a broad variety of topics Coursera Offers over 400 classes from 84 universities, including Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Duke, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania Created by Harvard and MIT & features 29 participating universities Now offers dozens of courses with over 400,000 enrolled students Some Coursera classes could be accepted toward college credit 1,000 university and colleges around the globe use YARSITY ITunes U Its free online There are over 600,000 free lectures, videos, books, and other resources Learning Tools offers tens of thousands of iTunes U collections are from schools (Stanford, Yale, MIT, practice problems + assessment tools Oxford) and other learning institutions (MOMA, the New York Public Library, and the Library of Congress) across 95 different subjects Open cULTure ´KHANACADEMY PLOS Over 200 million lessons are PUOLIC LIDRAIY of SCIENCE Lists free classes available Non-profit open access academiç publisher - Free available from other Offers endless practice problems, personal growth and success statistics, and achievement badges for completing lessons free education sources as well as YouTube and classes found on access to university websites academic articles Created by a Standford professor, Udacity is more self-paced with no specific start or end dates TED TALKS Though not a classroom setting, TED talks offer over 1,500 free short About 30 courses are available with a strong UDACITY emphasis on science, math, and computer science lectures Offers a wide array of courses and entire course programs on topics from economics to political science and professional development FREE:DTCAT ON THE OPPORTUNITY FOR LEARNING IS ENDLESS WITH SUCH A WIDE ARRAY OF FREE EDUCATION RESOURCES AND THE HUNGER FOR EDUCATION DRIVING YOU TO FIND A WAY. 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The Rise Of Online Education

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Between the popularity of sharing information online and the rising cost of traditional education, an increasing number of free learning alternatives are being offered.


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