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The rise and rise of Digital Education

The Rise and Rise of Digital Learning Milestones of the growth story TCP/IP was introduced, In just 25 years LMS has turned out to be the most loved tool for tutors, students and Birth of WWw ArcSoft launched administrators alike. First Class for the Macintosh platform. Online Courses OUVSS launched. Courses in which all learning activities have been moved online. Bb Hybrid Courses Blackboard launched. Courses in which a significant mount of the learning activities have been moved online, and time traditionally spent in the SCORM etesrning resources launched. classroom is reduced but not eliminated. Blended Courses Tnoodle Courses in which a significant amount launched. of the activities are implemented in a face-to-face classroom setting. Some materials available online. No online Sakai instruction time is substituted for f2f Online learning- what is what launched. time. 20% penetration Flipped Courses 1 out of 5 college students Courses in which instructions are delivered worldwide taking at least online while face to face classroom sessions one course online. are utilized for collaborative problem solving. EUCALYPTUS Onground Courses Courses with no online component. MAT@USC Launched the first online degree program to include real time elements. The amazing growth story The New York Times declares 2012 as the "Year of the MOOC". 75 million MOODLE users - that is more than the combined population of 111 of the In US, the number of K 12 students who took online courses has increased World's smallest from 45,000 in 2000 to more than 3 million in 2009. countries. An increase of 6600% in less than a decade. 45,000 3 million an increase of 6600% 2000 2009 Courcera (a MOOC platform) reached 1 Milion 1 million Coursera facebook. registered users in 4 months Dropbox as compared to 7 months for Dropbox and 10 months for FaceBook. 8. 10 11 12 86.5% 1 out of 3 of all US based higher education institutions have atleast of higher education students in US now one online course. take at least one course online. What is driving the growth of Online Education ? Flexibility Greater Option Acceptance in Work Place Affordable the tuition course for an online of online students of the student 47% 86% population in course is 14,850, which is Reports suggests a worldwide are 26 10% rise US voted for 70% years or above, has a family and are working online courses because of the lower than a professionals. wider depth of degree programs 30.2% of organizations in US classroom course. offered online. accept the value and legitimacy of an online degree now, compared Enrollment to 20.6% in 2005. Income Online education enrollment Men with an online degree rack up a increased by Quality 6.52%* 27% increase in wages of adults in US 77% rated learning than high school educated men. Females get an In contrast to a decline in outcomes in 2.64%i overal increase of 16%* online education as same or superior to traditional education in wages than their high school educated peers. and 32% students strongly student enrollment from the fall of believe that online education 2011 and 2012. provide high quality education. Gamification MOOCS The future of Onli┼će Learning Mobile Deployment Personal learning Environment (PLE) Talent management Cloud based LMS Designed for by INFEGRAPHICS Sources : 1990 1994 2004

The rise and rise of Digital Education

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The now ubiquitous online learning was pretty much an alien just a decade back. Educators and policy makers were largely skeptical about digital learning, and many predicted that digital learning is j...


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