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Reinvigorating Your Child's Desire To Learn

Rekindling Passion in the New School Year REINVIGORATING YOUR CHILD'S DESIRE TO LEARN Now that the school year has begun, it is important to instill in your child a passion for education. In an era where distraction is increasingly available, how can you give your child a yearning for knowledge? EDUCATION PAVES THE ROAD TO ADULT LIFE A child's early education has a major impact on the rest of his or her life. The lives of students who excel in early education are improved dramatically: COGNITIVELY Higher math and language skills Lower school drop out percentages Improved school Reduced special education placement performance Strengthened peer interactions SOCIALLY Higher occurrences Lower occurrences of problematic behavior of exploratory behavior LONG-TERM BENEFITS COLLEGE Lower rates of Increased lifelong earning potential Higher likelihood of attending college teenage pregnancy/ incarceration THE DOS AND DON'TS OF MOTIVATION As adults, the benefits above seem obvious. But to a child, they may be too far in the future and hard to grasp. DO DON'T GIVE responses to your child's questions and help him or her de- velop an inquisitive nature CONNECT academic shortcomings with a lack of ability or low intelligence your child's PROVIDE COMPARE your child's your child with opportunities to make meaningful choices regarding his or her aca- demic journey academic progress with that of other children ENCOURAGE academic disappointments he or she may encounter, and help him or her understand it is okay to fail ALLOW your child to be overly dependent on you for help with homework and other classroom projects your child through PERMIT overly distracted by video games, television and other passive forms of entertainment your child to be PRAISE well on an assignment or put in the extra effort to go above and beyond in the classroom your child when they do COLLABORATE with your child when setting academic goals and objectives FORCE your child to learn your way, because he or she may think differently than you do FOCUS your child's learning down a narrow path, instead aim for a well-rounded education APPEAL to your child's personal interests and curiosity STRIVE FOR RELEVANCY Oftentimes, children don't have a passion for learning because they feel it doesn't have anything to do with their personal lives. USE TECHNOLOGY Electronics are second nature to today's children and should be incorporated into education tactics. MAKE CONNECTIONS Keep up to date with what your child is learning, and always strive to connect those lessons with tangible aspects of your home life. EXPAND LEARNING Encourage your child to learn outside of school as well. Whether it is karate lessons or piano instruction, learn- ing outside of school makes at-school education more fun and invigorating. Apply these tips throughout the current school year, and watch your kid bloom into someone who loves to learn! my chronicle books PERSONALIZED GIFTS SOURCES:

Reinvigorating Your Child's Desire To Learn

shared by marty11 on Nov 04
In a world of constant distraction and stimulation that can make it difficult for a young student to focus on learning, how do we re-instill that desire to learn within our future generation? The info...


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