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Raising Sons: Are We Robbing Our Boys Of The Childhood That Could Make Them Thrive?

HOW WE'RE GETTING raising boys wrong Could the way WE APPROACH physically active BOYS be shortchanging them? Girls do better at school BOYS REPRESENT : 90% (75% 71% 85% of discipline of kids of school of high diagnosed suspensions with learning issues in school schools drop-outs disabilities Boys get the Boys are majority 4 times of Ds and Fs more likely to be diagnosed with, and medicated for, ADHD boy-unfriendly Schools are On average, boys crave more physical activity and are slower to become competent readers, yet boys are punished more harshly than girls – often by having their recess time taken away. While we've made huge strides in the fight for gender equality, we have to admit that being equal doesn't necessarily mean being the same. BOYS VS. GIRLS Boys have less oxytocin and serotonin than girls, something that makes them more physically impulsive on average. The brain activity of girls is less compartmentalized than that of boys, making them less likely to struggle with multitasking. Reading often takes longer to "click" for boys. Girls' attention spans are better developed during early elementary age. Boys are expected to be tough. Yet, CALLED INSENSITIVE when they adopt the hyper-masculinity media model. This has to stop! WHAT CAN WE D0? Incorporate physical activity into academic lessons Allow your son to bounce on a yoga ball while doing homework Ask your school how more physical activity can be Universally offer recess Connect with your son over sports or other physical activities Help kids learn by capitalizing on their natural interests Teach math by talking about keeping score in games Do Spiderman-themed spelling, if they already like a film Offer phonics instruction for longer In the US, Kindergarten is now the new first grade. However, first grade should still offer phonics instruction, rather than expecting boys to be competent readers. Help our sons talk about their feelings Find positive male role models for your son Discuss the macho stereotypes Make it clear that being nurturing and sensitive doesn't mean being unmanly Discuss the difference between hyper-masculine men in the media and real-life men Read books that contain positive male role models SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE. SHARE THE INFOGRAPH. ASK, SHARE, CONTRIBUTE. ONLINE HEALTH-RELATED COMMUNITY.

Raising Sons: Are We Robbing Our Boys Of The Childhood That Could Make Them Thrive?

shared by tanjat on Apr 15
Girls do better in school than boys these days — but why? Could the way we approach physically active boys be shortchanging them, and what can we do to better meet their needs?




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