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Putting a Stop to Stop-arm Violations

PUTTINGA STOP TO STOP-ARM VIOLATIONS The act of passing a stopped school bus with red lights flashing is commonly known as a "stop-arm violation" because of the stop-sign on an "arm" that extends from the driver side of the bus when the red lights are activated. All 50 states have laws against passing a school bus with its lights flashing and stop-arm extended; however, some motorists choose to ignore the law. Motorists violate stop-arm signals by: • Continuing past a bus they are approaching in the front. • Driving past a bus from behind in a lane on the driver's side. • Driving past a bus from behind on the shoulder of the road at the passenger side- where the children are loading/unloading. According to a 1997 survey, 99% of all drivers felt that stop-arm violations were the most dangerous driving behavior, and outranked: Racing another driver Driving through a stop sign or red light Crossing railroad tracks with red lights blinking Passing in a no-passing zone Speeding For years, school bus drivers have voiced concerns about motorists illegally passing their school buses. In the mid-1990s, several states conducted surveys to determine the extent of the problem. State of Virginia Study Florida Illinois Department of Education Study (One day survey, May 1995) Department of Transportation Survey (One day survey, September, 1996) • 3,394 vehicles illegally passed school buses in 119 of 131 districts • Average of 600,000 • 10,590 vehicles illegally passed (Over 41 days in 1996) • 135 bus drivers school buses in 58 of 67 districts reported 3,450 violations passes a year 187 were passes on 11,150 total buses= nearly 1 pass per bus that day • Average of 1,900,000 a year the side where students enter/exit While the number of actual crashes by this violation is low, the potential for injury or death is high. Over the last 4 decades, 441 deaths have been caused by a vehicle passing a bus illegally. In the 2006-07 school year, 57% of fatalities were caused by a vehicle passing the bus illegally. • In 2011, 26 children were killed as pedestrians getting on or off the bus or while waiting at the school bus stop. • ALWAYS approach a school bus with caution (they are bright yellow for a reason). • Look for signs that students are loading or unloading. Flashing yellow lights indicate that the bus is ABOUT TO load or unload; an extended stop- arm and flashing red lights indicate the bus IS loading or unloading. • If there is ever any question about the safety of passing a Correct Stop-arm Procedures school bus...DO NOT PASS. School Training Solutions® Staff Dev elopment Training CCCCOCCCCCCO Source: National School Bus Loading & Unloading Survey 2006-2007, Kansas State Department of Education All images used according to license permissions. © 2012 Getty Images. All Clipart images used according to license permissions. © 2012 Jupiterimages Corporation.

Putting a Stop to Stop-arm Violations

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School Training Solutions is raising awareness for safety precautions around bus stops during the back to school season.


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