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Promoting Healthy Eating with Students at YCIS Beijing

Promoting Healthy Eating with Students at YCIS Beijing YCIS Beijing and Healthy Eating A good, balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. It is especially so for growing children. Teaching children about the importance of a healthy diet when they are young helps instil a positive attitude throughout their YCIS adult life. At YCIS Beijing students either bring their own lunches from home or eat in our cafeteria. Lunches are provided by a certified professional 3rd party caterer, who has the same food ethic as we do. This is shown by our commitment to using fair trade and locally sourced produce. Our menus are devised by experienced dieticians to ensure they are both balanced and nutritious. Advantages of a healthy diet There are numerous mental and physical advantages of eating healthily: o Boosts academic performance • A healthy diet provides more stable energy than sugars, with increased attention and concentration • Fish containing Omega-3 has been shown to improve cognitive and recall abilities • Healthy lunches also foster a better learning environment o Aids the physical development of growing children • Helps form strong muscles, bones and teeth • Helps improve cardiovascular health • Prevents of diseases, such as Diabetes • Lowers the risk of obesity These benefits are maximised in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle which incorporates physical activity. Which food groups make up a healthy diet? There are several food groups which combine to form a balanced and healthy diet. Keeping well hydrated is also essential. You should drink at least 1.2 litres of water per day. So remember to drink lots of water and eat healthily! To help maintain a healthy diet, we have listed the major food groups and where best to find them: Carbohydrates Best found in rice, potatoes, noodles and bread Should make up a third of your diet, so meals should be based around them Wholegrain and wholemeal varieties are healthier because they contain higher levels of fibre and other nutrients Carbohydrates release energy slowly, which is why endurance athletes 'carbo-load' before competitions. Dairy Eggs, milk, cheese and yoghurt products Rich in protein and calcium Calcium helps build strong teeth and bones Skimmed or semi skimmed milk is preferable because it contains less fat Fruit & Vegetables High in many nutrients and vitamins, low in fat and sugars 5 different 80g (about a handful) portions are recommended daily Reduce the chances of heart disease and cancers Meats & Fishes A major source of protein, which repairs and builds stronger muscles Fish should be eaten at least twice a week Oily fish such as tuna and sardines are rich in good fatty acids, such as Omega-3, that improves memory and brain performance. Vegetarian? These nutritional benefits can also be found in vegetarian and vegan products. Dairy and mushrooms are also rich in protein. Fats & Sugars These have their role, though in moderation, as part of a balanced diet Unsaturated fat is full of good fatty acids which lowers blood pressure and cholesterol Nuts and vegetable oils are full of healthy fatty acids Want to find out more about how your child can receive a healthy lunch while they attend an international school in Beijing? Visit! Sponsored By YCIS China Qingdao Beijing USA A leading International YCIS School with campuses in Silicon China, Hong Kong and the USA. YCIS Valley Chongqing Shanghai Hong Kong focuses on providing a balanced education that uses bilingual education in English and Chinese at the core of its curriculum. Beijing Shanghai E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (8610) 8583 3731 Phone: (8621) 6219 5910 ext 222

Promoting Healthy Eating with Students at YCIS Beijing

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Healthy eating is especially important for growing children who reap the physical and mental benefits that each food group offers to growing physiques. With proper eating habits comes the added bonus ...


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