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Press Facts

PRESS FACTS 618a.c The first printing is done in China 1300 The first use of wooden type in China 1440 German Johannes Gutenberg invents mouable type 1455 Gutenberg prints his first book, a Loatin Bible After the invention of press and some methods of printing, books, newspapers and magazines began to be printed quickly and cheaply. Knowledge had become more popular with new ideas spreaded around the world. Here are some facts of this euolution Reciyrll of the Distorr 1457 First color printing by Fust and Schoeffer 1476 William Caxton using a Gutenberg printing press produces the 1st book printed in English Oroyr INDEX LIBROKV M PADIRTORVH. 1559 Pope Paul IV issues the Index of Forbidden Books, which lists books the Catholic Church considers dongerous to morals 1605 First weekly newspaper published in Antwerp 1690 Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen considered the world's first magazine, is published in Germany 1731 The Gentleman's Mogazine, considered the first modern magazine, is published in England 1796 German A. Senefelder develops Lithography, a method of image transfer that produces high-quality printed images 1808 Hipolito Jose da Costa Furtado de Mendonça creates, in London, Correio Brasiliense, the first Bragilian newspaper 1819 Rotary printing press invented by Napier | The Gentleman's Magazine 1886 Linotype composing machine invented by Ottmar Mergenthaler. This is regarded os the greatest aduance in printing since the deuelopment of moveable type 400 years earlier ULK 1846 Cylinder press inuented.It can print 8,000 sheets an hour, which allows publishers to increase circulation Or, MONYILY INYELLIGENCER 1892 1904 Williom Morris establishes 1904 Offset lithography becomes common 1907 Commercial silk screening inuented 4-color the Kelmscott Press rotary press inuented to improve the high quality of books 1917 The first Pulitzer Prizes are awarded 20's The number of daily newspapers increased until this time-when there were more than 2,000 in circulation 1923 Time TIME magozine debuts The Vekty Ne Magasin Aquire METEHX THE ARRAN TOR MEN 1933 Esquire debuts as the first men's magazine 50's to 70's Typesetting is introduced in newspapers and magazines. Texts and pictures are produced on glossy paper, assembled by hand and photographed. Television contributed to the decreased in the number of papers 80's With the computerigation of newspaper companies, all stages of production become digitized. The texts are drafted in desktop publishing 90's The filmless system allows the recording directly on the printing cylinder. Reporters could send news from around the world olmost instantly using laptops and modems. 00's Amazon's e-book sales exceed 15% in paper books and newspapers betting on tablets to increase sales SOURCES // MADE BY FLÁVIA MARINHO (] FOR VISUAL LOOP Visual Loop Thee's an Infoguphic alout even if it didn't happenl

Press Facts

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We’re going to cover a lot of different topics, and the first one will take us into a journey throughout the history of Printing. In times where the digital seems unstoppable in the path to dominate...


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