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Preparing Students for the Future

Preparing Students for the Future 5 ways for you to prepare your students for their future today The Future Today's students live in very uncertain times; 65% of them will end up at jobs that haven't even been invented yet! So, what can teachers do to Between 2012 and 2014 prepare their students today for the technological future they will find themselves in? 2,740 STEM* related jobs will be created everyday in the US alone! *Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemathics 1. Start Using Video Rather than teaching one medium at a time Video allows for a fusion of mediums, so it can appeal to the different ways in which we learn. You 48 hours of video uploaded every minute! Tube WERETAIN. 50% 30% 20% 10% Of what we see Of what we watch Of what we read Of what we hear 2. Embrace Video Games Computer games stimulate the brain to produce dopamine, which helps orient attention and encourages the creation of connections between neurons; these connections are the physical basis for learning. 9/10 US 2-17 year olds play electronic video games Digital games helped improve student motivation A survey of 19 Scottish schools found that game playing taught: 5% life skills communication 95% negotiation teamwork problem solving Each block = 125 teachers "Taken from a study of 3,500 Chinese students who used an English Language learning course that included digital games 3. Encourage on-the-go Study A teacher can encourage students to study on-the-go or in bite size chunks be assigning appropriate content such as flashcards, definitions or formulas or breaking up large content in to smaller manageable chunks. Mobile learning is an invaluable addition to the modern student. More time and places to study: 74% 46% + 52% 55% in bed after waking while waiting in-line while travelling in bed before sleep Which all adds up to 40+ MINS of extra study every week! 4. Teach Digital Citzenship With the growing influence of social media on employee recruitment it is a teachers responsibility to ensure their students are aware of their digital footprint.Teaching digital literacy and citizenship shows students how to be aware of this, from the simple tasks of email etiquette to the serious task of stopping cyber-bullying. 89% of employers will use social media for recruitment 86% of employers say that candidates should make their profiles more employer friendly 1/3 of employers pass over candidates based on content of online profile 60% 86% 50% of employers will use in f So make sure your students know how to use them properly! 5. Flip your Class A flipped classroom is a reversed teaching model that delivers instruction at home through interactive, teacher created or shared videos so that 'homework' can be discussed in the classroom. It gives the teacher more time to spend one on one with students while creating a collaborative learning environment and allows students to master topics in their own time. Students are 70% more likely to retain something they've discuss with someone else One study showed that the % of freshman students failing English and Maths dropped from. Before the flip: 44% 50% Maths English After the flip: 13% 19% By incorporating these aspects in to your class today you will be better preparing your students for the world they will find themselves in when they graduate. created by: examtime Study Smarter Sources 1) networking-statistics.php 2) 3) 4) 5) uploads/1/2/6/8/12686345/se_tn_stem_overview.pdf 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) http://bonnybuffington.wikispaces.come/file/view/ we_remember.pdf

Preparing Students for the Future

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Today’s student will graduate in a world totally immersed in technology. We created the following infographic to give teachers and all those interested in the future of education some tips on how to...




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