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Popular English Idioms and What They Mean

POPULAR ENGLISH IDIOMS AND WHAT THEY MEAN • Piece of Cake WHAT IT MEANS > A task or activity is easy to complete IN A SENTENCE "I thought that test was going to be hard, but it was a piece of cake!" Hit the Books WHAT IT MEANS To study diligently HISTORY IN A SENTENCE > "I can't go out tonight; I have to hit the books for my English exam." Add Insult to Injury WHAT IT MEANS #**#! • To make a bad or unfortunate situation even worse IN A SENTENCE "They got my lunch order wrong, and to add insult to injury, the food was cold!" Let the Cat Out of the Bag WHAT IT MEANS IN A SENTENCE >A secret that was > "I was planning a supposed to be kept surprise party, but John let the cat out of was told the bag!" • Feeling Under the Weather WHAT IT MEANS • To feel mildly ill or sick IN A SENTENCE > "Sarah is feeling under the weather today, so she's not coming to the party." INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: BLUEDATA INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE wwW.ENGLISHSCHOOLNYC.COM Bluedata International Institute Learn English in the center of New York BLUEDATA INTERNATIONAL Sources: idioms-meaning.html top-10-most-common-idioms-in-english/

Popular English Idioms and What They Mean

shared by BrittSE on May 09
English speakers might say they are feeling under the weather—but this expression has nothing to do with the weather! It simple means the person is feeling mildly ill or sick. Check out other idioms...


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