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Personal Injury - Slips and Trips

bannerjones solicitors Slips and Trips We're with you every step of the way People slip and fall all of the time and not a day goes by without it happening somewhere near you. But what about when you're the victim? And what happens if it isn't your fault? Banner Jones has helped people to recover compensation following slips and falls in shops, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and public spaces, and we're here to help you too. When can I claim for compensation? Many owners and occupiers of public and commercial premises will have procedures in place to ensure that their premises are regularly checked for hazards. In some circumstances the record of these checks will prove a defence to your claim, however, if the existing safety procedures have not been followed or no such procedures exist then a claim is more likely to succeed. Our team of legal specialists will assess your situation and ascertain whether a claim can be raised. You can make your claim up to three years after the incident. How can I help my claim to run more smoothly? In the event of an accident, make sure that it is logged in the accident book, as this will be used as evidence of the date, time, details and witnesses. If the slip, trip or fall takes place in a shop, pub or other public place, photographs of the area where it happened will also help us to support the claim. Additional Support If you have been seriously injured in an accident, we will do everything within our power to ensure you have easy access to additional support and advice on issues such as employment, benefits and welfare rights. We can also consider whether interim payments of compensation may be available to relieve financial pressures and cover immediate expenses. We can also assist by arranging any rehabilitation you may require to help with the recovery process. Accidents in public places From slippery floors to uneven surfaces, people fall prone to accidents in public places on a regular basis throughout the UK. Many recover quickly, but others undergo long-term incapacity, aches and pains, a limited social life and loss of earnings as a result. If you have been injured in a public place due to a slip, trip, fall or by being struck by a falling object, Banner Jones can help you to apply for suitable compensation. This could come from the owner of the property or the local authority responsible for maintaining the public space, as a breach of their "duty of care" will have resulted in your misfortune. The first step Through an initial free assessment of your case either by telephone or in person, we can suggest the best course of action and its likely timescale. This may be at our Accident Claim Centre in Chesterfield, at any of our offices or a place convenient to you. No win, no fee In most cases we will pursue compensation claims on a "no win, no fee" basis. However, we will consider all possible methods of funding, incduding legal expenses insurance, trade union funding and private fee agreements. The chances are that you will be contacted by a claims handler looking to represent you, particularly if your claim has gone through an insurer. They may suggest that you must choose them or their panel solicitor to represent you, however this is not the case, and you are free to select a solicitor of your choice. We can help We have recovered several million pounds of compensation for clients over the years, with the largest individual award obtained for a client to date being £3,275,000. With over 45 years of experience in our team we can help maximise your compensation claim. We can help to remove some of the pressure by arranging rehabilitation and after care for you to help you get back on your feet. Banner Jones pride ourselves on winning over 95% of the cases we take on, so if you need a helping hand and skilled advice regarding making a claim, get in touch today. Why Choose Banner Jones? 96% Personal Injury 45 YEARS Members of the Law We win We have a 96% of our Variety of specialist lawyers 95% of dedicated clients would Society's Personal Over 45 years of experience 5 Regional Accident Claim recommend us to a friend cases we Injury Panel offices take on Centre If you are considering making a claim for compensation, contact one of our expert solicitors who will give you specialist advice on the claims process : Phone: 0333 200 2300 Web: Join our Social Networks bannerjones in You Tube 8g+ solicitors

Personal Injury - Slips and Trips

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If you had an accident in a public place, such as a trip or a slip that wasn't your fault, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Take a look at our infographic to find out about the claims process.




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