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People of Pedagogy

PEOPLE OF PEDAGOGY THESE SIX HAVE TAUGHT US HOW TO TEACH PEOPLE OF FEDAGOGY Lev Vygotsky Zone of Proximal Development separate what a student can do with a teacher from what can be done without a teacher. This leads to the notion of scaffolding. PEOFLE OF FEDAGOGY Theory of Cognitive Development articulates the mind's typical stages of growth. It helps to understand students' perspectives and what is required to advance. Jean Plaget PEOPLE OF FEDAGOGY Jerome Bruner Coined the term "scaffolding" as he conducted cognitive and developmental studies in psychology, including the Value and Need as Organizng Factors in Perception. Understanding how the mind sorts information should guide instructional design. PEOPLE OF PEDAGOGY implication from2 model analogy conclusion outline speech Casual photograph Although he did not create Bloom's cording compare summary car story Taxonomy, he did do the vital work of list sculpture drama jeweiry newspapers painting poetry text reading films explain defend match restate studying and classifying stages in pursuit Summimmiz give examples interrelate express interpret illustrate extend of mastery-learning 2. construct compose originate produce hypothesize plan develop create design invent combine organize standard established d comparer Benjamin Bloom oort aph breakdown ards game song ction book thesis formulation set of s machine set or PEOPLE OF FEDAGOGY Howard Gardner Garner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences describes various forms of mental capacity. MI is not to be confused with learning styles. It's a framework that describes patterns in how information is processed not how it is initially aquired. PEOPLE OF PEDAGOGY Theory on Psychosocial Development serves as the roadmap of eight stages a typical person follows as they grow. Each stage is marked by a central crisis. These stages, coupled with Maslow's Hierarchy of Need, function as a powerful window into many students’ driving impulses. Erik Erikson Put these theories to practice. et Uhustation map solution project follow an autline diagram question forecast papa payguep epuebedoad organize sketch generalize apply dramatize solve prepare draw argument produce show choose paint questionnaire word defined analyze subdivide compare differe DIAIpans nterentiate dlassify infer categorize prioritize azjubosas azuou memee state define recite name locate judge | consider relate critique recommend weight recomrize criticize summ support appraise recordings filmst people plays evaluate compare soapia sua conclusion valuing valuation court trial self e recommendation survey

People of Pedagogy

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Celebrate the contributions these six researchers and educational theorists had on our understanding of pedagogy.






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