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One Nation Under GOV

HOW THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IS FAILING OUR SCHOOLS ONE CoU NATION UNDER Does the Government belong in our schools? 137 GOVERNMENT'S EDUCATION POLICIES HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION RATES TEACHING TENURE THEORY 1. Canada 2. The Czech Republic 3. Denmark 4. Finland NOBLE Tenure gives experienced teachers job security after years of service. 5. Germany 6. Greece 7. Hungary 8. Iceland 9. Ireland 10. Italy 11. Japan 12. South Korea Freedom to "rock the boat" Inexperienced 'cheaper' teacher protection Dismissal of tenured teachers requires just cause. 13. Norway 14. Poland 15. The Slovak Republic 16. Switzerland and the United Kingdom Moral misconduct Incompetence (based on state guidelines) L Insubordination 17. United States Students in Latvia, Chile and Brazil are making gains in academics three times faster than American students, while those in Portugal, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Colombia and Lithuania are improving at twice the rate. CAN YOU SOLVE THIS PUZZLE? 93% of Finns graduate from academic or compared to 170.5% of Americans vocational high schools Yet, Finland SPENDS 30% LESS per student than the United States In 2008, of the 7.2MILLION Teachers 23 MILON- Senure PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM IN THE UNITED STATES HAD 2.3 MILLION TEACHING TENURE REALITY "Does 'tenure' mean that a teacher has worked hard and proved themselves to be very good at what they do?" 58 NO JOB SECURITY PROMOTES LAZINESS "Several teachers in your school fail to do a good job and are simply going through SAY YES the motions.' WHICH IS WORSE? Timely, costly, bad publicity of legal ) Let a bad teacher continue battle to dismiss a tenured teacher. to "teach" our youth. HOW OFTEN DO PEOPLE LOSE THEIR JOBS? - 1QUT OF EVERY 57 DOCTORS loses license to practice medicine. 97 LAWYERS loses their license to practice law. 1,000 TEACHERS is fired for performance-related reasons. 32 TENURED SI TEACHERS in LA were each paid %250.000 QUIT to "DANCE OF THE TENURED LEMONS" it's cheaper to reassign bad teachers to new schools than fire them. Instead of tenure, paying teachers more would create a greater incentive to strive at their professions LEARN FROM THE BEST Do other countries practice tenure? YES superintendent of Washington D.C. MICHELLE RHEE: schools, a Teach for America alumna BUT TEACHING REQUIREMENTS ARE MORE STRICT -proposed contract allowing teachers to earn as much as %$130,000 In Hong Kong, they forgo if their tenure teachers must pass a a teacher induction test rights (that only 40% pass, on average) a year EVALUATION OF PROBATION PERIOD FOR Local, State Governments send their Lemony Teachers TENURE IN HONG KONG HAS VERY HIGH STAKES to Rehab: In 1997, Oregon abolished tenure and replaced it with 2-year renewable contracts and a rehabilitation program for underachieving instructors NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT (2001) NOBLE THEORY NCLB helped expand the standards and accountability movement. - Arne Duncan Helps educators determine where students are struggling most. Holds schools accountable for the education provided. ALL CHILDREN "Adequate Yearly Progress" % of school's student body that must pass standardized test: WILL BE PROFICIENT IN MATH AND READING BY 2014 70% 77.5 85% 100% 2009 2010 2012 2014 REALITY Scandals 100°° PROFICIENCY IS A CHEATING TOUGH STANDARD: NEVER MET BY ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD In Atlanta 178 Punishes schools for not meeting standard. PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS AND PRINCIPALS accused of cheating to raise standardized test scores. THE LAW COVERS: MATH AND READING ONLY TESTING SCORES HAVE IMPROVED... very minimally National Averages 2003 - 2011: TO AVOID PUNISHMENT, 4th grade 8th grade OTHER SUBJECTS ARE MATH: increased by 6 points 6 points BEING IGNORED. READING: increased by 3 points 2 points On a 500 point scale LEARN FROM THE BEST FINLAND: # in the developed world for education NO standardized testing required for high school graduation In the U.S., 12 standardized tests, on avg., required for high school graduation Presented by: Sources:,8599,1859505,00.html DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

One Nation Under GOV

shared by NowSourcing on Mar 18
This infographic takes a look at how the government could possibly be failing our schools.


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