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Nursing Career Trends In 2012 And Beyond

Nursing Career Trends in 2012 and Beyond What nursing has to do... is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act on him. Florence Nightingale According to the BLS, the 2.9 million (and growing) number of nurses form the backbone of the medical industry. Nursing Job Trends Financial losses resulted in a decrease in nursing jobs between Aug 2010 to Feb 2012. Overall nursing jobs decreased by 17%, and the following nursing fields were the most strongly affected: 60% 59% 44% 34% LVN Jobs PN Jobs CNA Jobs LPN Jobs Decreased RN Jobs Decreased Decreased Decreased Decreased Nursing Job Growth Rate While job growth stunted in the past couple of years, a 22% increase is expected in nursing positions between 2012 and 2018. 2012 | 2018 60% of these new jobs would be found in hospitals, while the rest would be in the following fields: 3% 5% A Physician offices & Home healthcare 5% & Nursing facilitycare 5 & Employment Services 3% 8% Where are Most of the Nursing Jobs B Employement Service E Nursing Facility E Home Healthcare O Physician B Hospitals Nursing Statistics you Should Know There are more than 2.9 million LPN Licensed registered nurses in the US; that's less than one nurse for every 100 people! More than half (56.2%) of the RNs work at hospitals; while 1 out of every 10 nurse works in community health settings. Male vs Female Nurses Nursing is a women centric profession; men constitute only 168,181 or 5.8% of the total nursing population. Age wise distribution Most RNs in the US are above the age of 45; only 8% are under 30. 30.1% of male RNs are under 40 compared with 26.1% of female RNs. 65.7 % of male RNs are under the age of 50, compared with 57.4% of female RNs. Scope for Minority Nurses & 14.2% of black nurses have Master's or Doctoral degrees 8 13.2% of Caucasian nurses. A 4.2% claim to be African American 2 3.1% are Non-Hispanic & 1.7% are Hispanic & 0.3% are American Indian 1.4% belong to two or more races. Nursing Cost and Salaries Degree Cost of School Average Median Salary 1 Year Vocational $7000 $39000 Program Associate Degree in Nursing $3000 $55500 Bachelors of Science $26000 $58500 in Nursing Masters of Science in $14000 $70900 Nursing US States With Most Nursing Jobs California Florida New York Ohio Pennsylvania Highest vs. Lowest Paying States California Highest Paying State $25.45 South Dekota Lowest Paying State $16.35 Top 10 Highest Paying US States Salary Wise California New Jersey $23.33 Hawaii Massachusetts Alaska $25.45 $24.76 $23.38 $23.09 Nevada Maryland $22.79 Delaware Oregon $22.91 Connecticut $22.98 $22.83 $22.62 Top 10 Lowest Paying US States Salary Wise North Dakota Wyoming $16.88 Louisiana Oklahoma Wyoming $16.88 $17.60 $17.50 $16.76 West Virginia Arkansas Mississippi Iowa South Dakota $16.52 $16.44 $16.42 $16.36 $16.35 Top US Colleges to Study Nursing Degree If you want an affordable nursing degree , here are the top 5 accredited online nursing colleges you should get enrolled in: Johns Hopkins University University of Pennsylvania University of Washington University of California--San Francisco University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill This Infographic was created by: ONLINE DEGREE TALK Career.htm Registered_Nurse_(RN/Salary#by_Degree E, + LPN, +CNA + PN. +LVN, +nursing Resources

Nursing Career Trends In 2012 And Beyond

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An Infographic about nursing job trends, career scope, nursing degree cost and salaries in United States.


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