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New vs. Old GRE

the new vs old GRE intro math verbal writing intro DURATION SCORING old: 1600 {verbal: 200-800 math: 200-800 10 pt increments old: 3 hrs max score: hour longer 340 {math: 130-170 verbal: 130-170 4 hrs 1 pt increments TEST FORMAT of each 2% old: section 1 of each possible experimental section section math verbal an extra, ungraded math or verbal section TEST EXPERIENCE adaptive by section old: adaptive by question ??? ??? ? ?? difficulty of second section based on difficulty of each question based performance on first section on answer to previous question 1 2+3 1-2→3 can skip between questions in a section, leave questions blank, and return to previous questions in a section questions within a section need to be answered in order; cannot leave a question blank and return to it later math intro math verbal writing CONTENT CHANGES increased focus on statistics & coordinate geometry compared to the old GRE high scorers will have to know and use the quadratic equation -b + V b?– 4ac 2a CALCULATOR a look at the exact layout of the new on-screen calculator 0. MR MC M+| C||D. Memory Buttons: MR = memory recall MC = memory clear M+ = memory sum 7|| 8 5 6 x |CE 1|| 2 || 3 || - ||| E Calculates square roots Transfer Display E Transfers the calculator display to the answer box NEW QUESTION TYPES numeric entry Enter your answer into the answer box or transfer the answer from the calculator. Example: x is a positive integer less than 100. When x is divided by 5, the remainder is 4, and when x is divided by 23, the re- mainder is 7. What is the value of x? 99 multiple answer questions Select one or more answer choices from a list of choices. Example: |-k If 6 + 4 > 12 , which of the following could be the 3 value of k? Indicate all values. (A) -15 (B) -10 (C) -5 V (D) 0 (E) (F) 10 (G) 15 O (H) 20 • A question may or may not specify the number of choices to select 5 • Must select all of the correct choices and no others for credit verbal intro math verbal writing CONTENT CHANGES reasoning context understanding analogies antonyms understanding words in context rather than just memorizing definitions NEW QUESTION TYPES sentence equivalence Select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning. Example: 1 blank (A) (B) (C) 6 choices (D) 2 answerS choose exactly two synonyms that can both fit in the blank (E) (F) text completion For each blank select one entry from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text. Example: (i) two (ii) answers Blank (i). Blank (ii) column of choices corresponds to each blank, 1 answer per column two answers reading comprehension passage highlighting &, Select the sentence that best answers the question multiple answer questions Select all correct answers: one, two or all three of the answer choices may be correct highlight your answer by clicking on it (A) (B) (C) writing intro math verbal writing 2 essays: argument issue 30 min 30 min 1. evaluate a logical equal weight and equal time for both parts argument 2. express your views on an issue issue 45 min old: 75 min argument 30 min total time: 60 min Prepare for the New GRE with Magoosh → 00000

New vs. Old GRE

shared by bcheng42 on Jul 14
An infographic by Magoosh about the changes in the revised GRE.




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