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The Mysterious Imagery of the Dollar Bill

THE MYSTERIOUS IMAGERY OF The Dollar Bill There has been intense debate over the decades of the symbolic meaning of the images displayed on the dollar bill. Conspiracy theorists believe the imagery is rooted in Freemasonry, and somehow tied to the exclusive Illuminati who run the world. Others contend that the imagery is strictly American in its nature and represents the foundations of our nation. Here we explain each symbol, showing what it represents for the U.S. as well as its possible ties to Freemasonry. O.O Some say this little creature is an owL, and others a SPIDER. The owl is believed to have ties with Freemasonry because of the owl A FEDERAL)RESERVENOTE KS IE UNITED STATES OFAMERICA ALL DESTS, PUBIC AND PRIVATE 5820376 A E. NINGTON, D.C. statue found at Bohemian Grove, a popular summer gathering destination 85820376 5 ha Earkae baha Fse for the rich and LAUREL WREATHS powerful men of represent victory. our country. OLIVE LEAVES stand for peace. FRONT PORTRAIT painted by 18th century portraitist Gilbert Stuart. George Washington was a dedicated Freemason. X. THE BALD EAGLE, native to the U.S., is the national bird and symbol. “HE HAS X ROMAN NUMERAL "ONE FROM MANY" Each STAR FAVORED OUR for 1776, the year the This motto, which X represents U.S. was established. one of the original 13 first appeared on the Great Seal in 1782, was Colonies on which our UNDERTAKING" • The 33 feathers may represent the special 33rd degree possible for outstanding service. • Some say the 32 XVI I nation was established. feathers represent 'Also, connect the stars ! to make a six-point star, ! in Scottish Rite I another Freemason symbol. I originally proposed The the 32 degrees by John Adams, Ben Franklin, and PYRAMID is a symbol that represents strength and growth. Notice how there are 13 levels. x Thomas : Masonry. Jefferson. CEPTIS 9 feathers, one for each degree in York Rite Masonry. ANNUIT DSTATES OFAMEP. The ALL- SEEING EYE is EN GOD WE TST the capstone of the pyramid that DNE hovers over the foundation. The eye, traditionally a Masonic symbol, TOYUS ORDOSRORIM represents a deity watching over the nation. The fact that it's not attached to the rest of the pyramid means that the building of our country is a ongoing work in progress. BACK "A NEW The X ORDER OF UNSUPPORTED HORIZONTAL THE AGES" SHIELD denotes STRIPES independence and self-reliance. represent Congress. THE NUMBER 13 is all over the 13 .x In contrast to the olive branch, the 13 ARROWS represent dollar bill. Usually considered an 13 VERTICAL X STRIPES represent OLIVE BRANCH Laurel wreathes stand for victory. unlucky number, its use on the dollar is meant to represent the 13 colonies established between 1607 and 1733, but may also remind us of the importance of the 13th amendment, which banned slavery. with 13 leaves the first 13 stands for Olive leaves colonies peace. stand for war. established in peace. the U.S. credit sesame SOURCES . ND.EDU. FRBSF.ORG• NIEHS.NIH.GOV

The Mysterious Imagery of the Dollar Bill

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Numerous symbols adorn our currency and there has been intense debate over the decades of their meaning. Conspiracy theorists believe the imagery is rooted in Freemansonry and tied to the Illuminati (...


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