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Music to Listen to at Work

Working Jams: WHAT MUSIC Oftentimes, the type of music you listen to at work determines your level of productivity. This makes the tunes you choose very Important. Want to know the right (and wrong) playlist for your profession? Read-and rock-on. SHOULD YOU MUSIC GENRES: LISTEN TO ON AMBIENT DUBSTEP BAROQUE/ CLASSICAL CLASSIC ROCK COUNTRY THE JOB? Oct HEAVY METAL INDIE ROCK JAZZ OLDIES POLKA POP START SMOOTH JAZZ PUNK RAPI HIP-HOP REGGAE ROCK TECHNO TRANCE ARE YOU ON THE MOVE WHILE BEST WAY TO LISTEN: HEADPHONES YOU WORK? O COMPACT HIFI SPEAKER SYSTEM O BOOMBOX NO, I DO MOST OF MY WORK FROM A DESK. YES. CAR STEREO IS YOUR JOB TO BE I'M ON I'M ON CREATIVE, SUCH AS AN YES. MY FEET WHEELS ARTIST, MUSICIAN, ALL DAY. ALL DAY. OR WRITER? CREATIVE CAT NO. Research shows that listening to baroque and classical music ARE YOU DRIVING I'M IN CONSTRUCTION stimulates creativity and brain A MOTORIZED activity. But other types of music will also do the trick VEHICLE? Background music is motivating, but If it's not loud, it'll get drowned out WHAT IS IT YOU DO? Recommended Don't listen to: by the power tools. No restrictions here Recommended: Don't isten to NO, I RIDE A BIKE. Whatever foats your boat YES. RESULT I'M CHAINED TO HOW MANY Are you trying to get I'M AN ATHLETE OR A COACH You need music to pump you or others up. MY COMPUTER ALL DAY, JUST WHEELS? yourself killed? Keep your ears tuned to the sounds of I WORK CRANKING AWAY the road. WITH PEOPLE TO GET TO THE Recommended Don't listen to ALL DAY. NEXT PAYDAY. 4 WHEELS You are likely transporting people. Recommended: Don't listen to: I WORK WITH NUMBERS I'M A BARTENDER OR A BARISTA You need music with a steady beat. Unless you work at Starbucks, you can probably listen to whatever you Recommended Don't listen to: want-as long as it doesn't scare No restrictions here. away your customers. 18 WHEELS Recommended: Don't isten to Chances are you're driving long distances and need to Isten to music that koeps you alert and awake Recommended Don't listen to: L I'M A PROGRAMMER You need music to help you stay focused, but also awake. I'M A TEACHER. Recommended: Don't listen to: IN WHAT KIND OF SETTING? WHAT GRADE DO YOU TEACH? COLLEGE I WORK IN WHAT TYPE OF STORE Your teaching college because someone thinks your lectures are music for the soul. No music RETAIL. DO YOU WORK IN? c necessary here. KINDERGARTEN Think fun and wholesome. Recommended Don't listen to • I WORK AT A I WORK IN A RECORD STORE DEPARTMENT STORE Recommended: Recommended: You don't have much of a cholce It's smooth jaz for yout Listen to whatever pretentious music 9TH GRADE you fancy- as long as no one else in Play music that has a groove and will also earn you respect. the store has heard it before. Recommended: Don't listen to 00000 SONOS C000 000

Music to Listen to at Work

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Listening to music has an affect on us, figure out which type of music is the best for your profession.


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