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Most Common Punctuation Errors MOST Punctuation Errors COMMON Extraneous Apostrophes Too many exclamation points in a body of work Don't put apostrophes where they don't belong- simply add an "s" to anything you want to pluralize Excess Exclamation overwhelms the reader: Be tasteful with your exclamation points Unnecessary Quotation Marks If you're not quoting something, don't use single or double quotation marks: If you want to emphasize a specific part of your Hyphen (-) vs. Dash (--) Use a hyphen to bridge two like concepts in a sentence: Use a message, use a bold or italicized font dash to indicate that you're moving onto a separate idea Too Many Commas Your eyes are the best judge of overuse: If you think you have too many in a sentence, try replacing a comma with a period It's / Its / Its' "It's" is short for "it is" Speak the sentence aloud and take note of any breaks in your speech. Insert commas when you pause or when you change gears within a sentence or "it has." “Its" is when you're talking about something or someone. "Its'" is always incorrect and should never be used Missing Commas The Oxford Comma There's no right or wrong when it comes to the Oxford comma. It's a matter of personal preference. Just keep it consistent Semi-colons Semi-colons are often misused. Use a colon if Quotation Mark Placement you want to set off a list of items• If you want to separate two related but distinct thoughts, use a semi-colon Note, in American English, the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks, while the British punctuate outside of the quotation marks Source: http://www.walsworth-com/blog/10-common-punctuation- mistakes-avoid Madadadad

Most Common Punctuation Errors

shared by carolinebailey on Feb 12
Very interesting and inspiring infographic on most common punctuation mistakes to avoid




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