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Moser Light

MOSER LIGHT Saves Electricity "Alfredo Moser is a Moser Says "God gave the sun to modern-day Thomas Edison, whose invention is lighting up the world." everyone, and light is for everyone". "In 2002, the Brazilian mechanic.- "Alfredo Moser is a modern-day Thomas Edison, whose invention is lighting up the world." came up with a way of illuminating his house during the day.using nothing more than plastic bottles and a tiny amount of bleach" " In the last two years, his idea has "Alfredo Moser has changed the lives of a tremendous number of people." spread throughout the world. It is Who is he? expected to be in one million homes by early next year." How does it work? Simple refraction of sunlight Procedure: 2 3 0- Fill an empty two-litre plastic bottle Add two capfuls of bleach to protect the water so it does not turn green [with algae]. Make a hole in a roof tile with a drilI. From the bottom upwards, push the bottle into the newly made hole. You fix the bottle in with polyester resin. Even when it rains, the roof never leaks - not one drop. The lamps work best with a black cap (a film case can also be used). Note: The cleaner the bottle, the better How much energy do the lamps save? The plastic bottles are up-cycled in the local community, so no energy is needed to gather, shred, manufacture and ship new bottles Emission Emission Emission 0.45kg CO2 200kg CO2 No CO2 carbon footprint of the manufacture of one incandescent A 50-Watt light bulb running for 14 hours a day for a year has a carbon footprint Moser Lamp My Shelter Foundation in Philippines started making the lamps in June 2011. They now train people to create and install the bottles, in order to earn a small income. In the Philippines, Moser lamps been fitted in 140,000 homes in order to save income on expensive electricity. The idea has also caught on in Impact of Moser invention about 15 other countries, includ- 3 ing from India and Bangladesh, to Tanzania, Argentina and Fiji. A local organization started in Boston where they launched a campaign "Walk for Light" in May 2012. 5 Moser lamps are used in some remote island communities. One million people will have benefited from the lamps by the start of next year. 6. PROJECT: My Shelter Foundation, has started a project called Isang Litrong Liwanag – A Liter of Light. ISANG LITRONG LIWANG It is the perfect grassroots campaign. It started with community activities where 10,000 cyclists delivered bottle bulbs to 17 communities around Metro Manila (Philippines). Electricity Generation and Consumption by renewable resources EIA estimates that D About 19% of world electricity generation is from renewable energy, with a projection of nearly 23% in 2035. I About 10% of world marketed energy consumption is from renewable energy sources (hydropower, with a projection of 14% by 2035. biomass, biofuels, wind, geothermal, solar), Sources http://www.eiagov/tools/faqs/faq.cfm?id=527&t=4 http://www.studentreporterorg/2012/09/a-litre-of-light/ DESIGNED BY

Moser Light

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The info graphic depicts on various methods for saving energy, impacts of Moser invention and electricity generation and consumption by renewable resources.






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