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Medical Marijuana in Canada

MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN CANADA With new federal legislation taking effect April 1, 2014, the market for medical marijuana in Canada is changing drastically. THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA INDUSTRY IS EXPECTED TO BE WORTH $1.3 BILLION BY 2024 BY 2024, HEALTH CANADA EXPECTS OVER 300,000 CANADIANS TO HAVE AUTHORIZATION TO USE MEDICAL MARIJUANA. 309,000 NUMBER OF CANADIANS AUTHORIZED TO POSSESS MEDICAL MARIJUANA 41,384 477 2002 2014 2024 COINCIDENTALLY, on April 1st 2014, Uruguay will also be the first country to legalize the marijuana trade. WHAT IS MEDICAL MARIJUANA USED FOR? Studies are confirming that medical marijuana has potential applications to many ailments. Canadians currently use medical marijuana to treat the following ailments: SURVEY OF PATIENTS USING MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN CANADA 6% EPILEPSY CANCER 36% 10% SEVERE ARTHRITIS SPINAL CORD DISEASE 14% MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS 16% 15% SPINAL CORD INJURY AIDS/HIV INFECTION NEW RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGIES ARE BEING DEVELOPED THAT COULD LEAD TO EVEN MORE USES FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA. 66 IT DOESN'T HAVE A HIGH POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE, AND THERE ARE VERY LEGITIMATE MEDICAL APPLICATIONS. IN FACT, SOMETIMES MARIJUANA IS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS. WE HAVE BEEN TERRIBLY AND SYSTEM- ATICALLY MISLED FOR NEARLY 70 YEARS IN THE UNITED STATES, AND I APOLOGIZE FOR MY OWN ROLE IN THAT. - Dr. Sanjay Gupda, CNN's chief medical corre- spondent and neurosurgeon. 76% 76% of 1,446 doctors surveyed say they would approve usage of medical marijuana. Source: New England Journal of Medicine THE SCIENCE OF CANNABIS Cannabis contains almost 500 compounds, of which about 80 are used for medicine and science. OF THESE COMPOUNDS ARE USED FREQUENTLY IN MEDICINE: TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL (THC) CANNABIDIOL (CBD) CANNABINOL (CBN) A chemical in marijuana that produces its psychoactive effects. This chemical has been proven to also be a mild pain reliever and sleep inducer, as well as an antioxidant. One of the primary com- pounds extracted for medical marijuana. CBD has been proven to relieve convulsion, inflammation, anxiety, cough, congestion, and nausea, and it inhibits cancer cell growth. Thought to inhibit the spread of cancer cells. Also helps with insomnia, muscle spasms and fibromyalgia. BETA - CARYOPHYLLENE CANNABIGEROL Non-psychoactive cannabi- noid that is used to reduce inflammation. Non-psychoactive cannabinoid that relieves intraocular pressure of the eye. Used in the treatment of glaucoma. DIFFERENT TYPES OF PLANT STRAINS HAVE DIFFERENT PROPERTIES. THE TWO MAIN SPECIES OF MARIJUANA PLANT ARE THE SATIVA AND INDICA TYPES. SATIVA INDICA Sativa contains higher levels of THC and lower levels of Indica contains lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD/CBN cannabinoids. CBD/CBN cannabinoids. UPLIFTING FUELS INCREASE BENEFITS RELAXES REDUCES AIDS IN EFFECT APPETITE ENERGY MUSCLES PAIN SLEEP HYBRID Hybrid strains can also be produced by growers that mix benefits of both types in order to meet the needs of patients. The majority of medical marijuana today is hybrid indica. CANADA'S CHANGING SUPPLY CHAIN BEFORE (2001-2014) Medical users needed a permit from Health Canada, and could grow their own marijuana or buy from small suppliers. NOW (2014 onward) Under "Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR)", patients no longer need a permit from Health Canada, and the medicinal cannabis industry supply Current users under MMAR are allowed to continue with current suppliers under the court injunction of March 21. will come from licensed commercial operations with tight regulatory oversight from Health Canada. Patients can receive prescriptions from licensed medical personnel (doctors and nurse practitioners). Health Canada says: "Dried marijuana for medical purposes should be produced and distributed as much as possible in the same manner as a medication". FOCUSING ON PATIENTS The market is now opening up to provide safe, new, and innovative solutions that will benefit the patients in Canada who are seeking alternatives. BETTER QUALITY MEDICINE WIDER AVAILABILITY Innovations in the sector provide patients with the safest ways to administer medication. AND VARIETY Many competing producers and strict oversight by Health Canada mean the best products will gain most traction with consumers. OF MEDICINES MORE High regulation of industry means that producers and distributors must adhere to strict guidelines for production and testing. CONSISTENCY VARIETY OF AND SAFETY DIFFERENT STRAINS Variety of different strains (CBD/THC ratio) designed to treat specific ailments. Over 400 companies have applied to become licensed producers and 13 have been granted LP status as of writing. COMPETITION IN SECTOR HOW MARIJUANA IS ADMINISTERED BY PATIENTS SMOKING VAPORIZER POPULAR BECAUSE THE DELIVERY METHODS GAINING POPULARITY : SMOKELESS AND ARE EASY TO ACCESS, AND SOCIAL: LARGELY ODORLESS. PLANT MATTER IS PIPES, WATER BONGS, PAPERS, ETC. NOT COMBUSTED BUT HEATED UNTIL VAPOUR IS RELEASED AND INHALED. FACTS FACTS • Respiratory hazards due to toxic by-products of combustion • Up to 95% of the Cannabinoids are used: more efficient use of the medicine • Faster effectiveness of the medicine: body absorbs Cannabinoids through vapour within • Not an effective use combustion too hot and many of the cannabinoids are highly combustible and some can be destroyed when smoked • Can absorb more toxins then actual medicine • Toxins also mask a lot of the flavours of the plant the medical product: a matter of seconds • Destroys little or none of the more delicate cannabinoids • Lack of toxins allow for purist flavour and aroma of the plant (as they are intended) OTHERS INCLUDE: OIL EXTRACTS PILLS THE MEDICAL MARIJUANA MARKET IN CANADA IS CHANGING. MARIJUANA USAGE BY PATIENTS IS BECOMING SAFER, HIGHER QUALITY, AND MORE WIDESPREAD. PRESENTED BY AgriConsultant Strategic Consulting Services [email protected] | RICH VISUAL CONTENT FOR THE MODERN INVESTOR VISUAL CAPITALIST SOURCES:

Medical Marijuana in Canada

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On April 1, 2014, new legislation on medical marijuana will open up the industry for patients in Canada. Under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation framework, Health Canada is now allowing co...


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