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Mascots, Yearbooks & BatesMeron School Spirit

ERON BATE BN 20 05 B DESIGN A look inside... CONQUER It's no secret that wE LOVE OUR CLIENTS. We can't help it. Getting to know our clients and having the opportunity to learn from them is just a part of WHAT MAKES OUR JOB SO FUN. One of the many things we've learned by working with YETTER FOUNDER, DIANE YETTER, is the value and IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION. In addition to establishing the Sales Tax Institute, an educational resource for sales and use tax, Diane serves on the Board of Advisors and teaches at the University of Kansas School of Business. With education playing such a huge role in Diane's life, we couldn't help but take a look at our own BMSD SCHOOL SPIRIT. Read on to see how our education and extracurricular activities have helped us become marketing masterminds. SOME MASCOTS GET ALL THE GLORY... OTHERS ARE JUST OFFENSIVE 6% 46% 6% HORSES CATS PEOPLE WHO FIGHT/RULE 14% 14% 14% RACIAL STEREOTYPES BIRDS INANIMATE OBJECTS/WTF NOT ALL OF US WERE FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO RECEIVE AN AWARD FROM OUR CLASSMATES, BUT FOUR OF US DID. MELANIE FRED NINA TODD Can you match the correct BMSDers with their awards? MOST MOST LIKELY T0 BECOME PRESIDENT MOST LIKELY TO WIN A NOBEL PRIZE BEST LEGS TALKATIVE FROM CHOIR TO SOCCER TO THE DEBATE TEAM, OUR ACADEMIC BACKGRO UNDS ARE FULL OF CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES THAT HAVE HELPED MOLD US INTO THE CREATIVE NUTS WE ARE TODAY. ARTS SMARTY PAΝTS SPORTS THEATRE // ART CLUB NATIONAL HONORS SOCIETY // PHI THETA KAPPA CHEERLEADING // BASKETBALL DANCE // BAND // RADIO JAMES SCHOLAR // CAMPUS HONORS PROGRAM SOCCER // TRACK // SOFTBALL SCHOOL PAPER // CHOIR DEBATE TEAM SKI CLUB SOCIAL LEADERSHIP GOOD DEEDS SKI CLUB CLUB // GREEK LIFE STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT TUTOR // WRITING ADVISORS // ECO-CLUB NORM PETERSON BOOSTER SOCIETY OFFICE PAGE ADULT LITERACY // SOCCER COACH // CHEER COACH AD NERDS NATIONAL STUDENT ADVERTISING COMPETITION (NSAC) // AMERICAN ADVERTISING FEDERATION CULTURE FRENCH CLUB /|/ SPANISH CLUB // STUDY ABROAD YEARBOOK-WORTHY OR NOT, WE LEAVE YOU WITH THESE WORDS OF WISDOM. YEARBOOK QUOTES (Follow at your own risk.) "STOP WHINING AND DO IT." "EVERYTHING IN MODERATION...INCLUDING MODERATION." -JULIA CHILD "THAT'S WHY HER HAIR IS SO BIG. IT'S FULL OF SECRETS." "BE YOURSELF NOW. REALLY." "SHAKA BRA ON FIRE." "YOU HAD ME AT 'HELLO." –JERRY MAGUIRE "WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!" Want to find a smarter way to grow your brand? Talk to us. We've got a brilliant creative team with a colorful background (including a potential Nobel Prize winner) ready to give your brand the creative boost you need. Visit us at to learn more.

Mascots, Yearbooks & BatesMeron School Spirit

shared by batesmeron on Jan 13
One of the many things we've taken away from working with our clients is the importance of education (and how it never ends). This infographic takes a look at the early years of BMSD team members—s...


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