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Mars Mission

MISSION MARS ONE A ONE WAY TRIP MARS ONE, LED BY DUTCH ENTREPRENEUR BAS LANSDORP IS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION THAT PLANS TO ESTABLISH A PERMANENT HUMAN COLONY ON MARS BY 2023, MISSION BEGINS Country of origin: Netherlands First Flight:January z016 (planned) First crewed flight Departure: September 2022 (planned) Landing: April 2023. (Seven months later) Vehicle: Space Capsule Crew vehicle: Mars One Dragon (planned) · Creiw capacity: 4 Launch vehicle: Falcon Heavy (planned) . COUNTRIES PARTICIPATING IN “MARS ONE" The first round of the Mars One Astronaut Selection Program began on April 22, 2013 and closed on 31 August 2013. IN JUST 4 months 9 D'ays period, "Mars One" received 202,586. APPLICATIONS from 140 countries to become The FIRST HUMAN SETTLÈRS on the RED PLANET Germany Italy Poland United States Other's Australia 24% Argentina 2% Colombia 2% 22% Spain 2% 10% India 4% Philippines 6% 4% 4% 4% 5% Mexico. China Russia Brazil Great Britain Canada RISKS AND CHALLENGES The challengę is to identify the risks in every step of the ten year Mission. HUMAN LIFE : Human space exploration is dangerous at all levels. COST OVERRUNS 66% of the cost risk is associated with launch and landing. In Mars, a small mistake or accident caresult in large failure, inijury, and death. THE SELECTION PROCEDURE Age Eligibility: 18+, Fees: Based on,national GDP per capita, America $38/Mexico $15 “Mars One" Selection Committęe will. select prospective Martian settlers in 4 rounds spread across 2 years. Applications will be sereened, by Mars One Selection Cammitee 1ST ROUND Candidates selected and notified by the erd of 2013 Personal Interviews by a Mars Qne Selection Committee for the şecond round selection in 2014. Medical statement of from personal physician. 2ND ROUND Region wise selection; 20-40 applicants to participate in challenges. 3RD ROUND One winner, per region by audience poll. 2015, 6-10 teams of 4 each for 7 years of full-time training. In 2023, one team to land on Mars - for permanent settlemėnt. International euent with world wide broadcasting. 4TH ROUND "MARS ONE" MISSION PLAN A replica of the settlement wilI be built 2013 for training purposes. The First communication satellite will be produced. 2014 The astronaut JULY 2015 selection process will be completed; 6 teams of 4. Supply mission to launch 2,500kgs (5,500 lb) of food in a 5-metre (16 ft) diameter variant of the SpaceX Dragon. 2016 Launch of exploration vehicle to pick the location for the settlement. 2018 6 Dragon capsules, 1 Rover with 2 living units, 2 life support units and 2 supply units to be launched. 2021 A SpaceX Falcon 2022 Heavy will launch with the first group of four colonists. First colonists to 2023 arrive on Mars. 2nd group of 4 colonists will arrive. Every 2 years an additional group of 4 colonists will arrive. 2025 The colony will reach 20 settlers. 2033 FAQS ÁBOUT MISSION MARS ONE HOW-IS THIS POSSIBLE?. A similar to earth atmosphere with 80% Nitrogen, installation of solar panels with available sunlight to be utiliżed. Blockage of radiation as well as the ice content in it will be used for drinking and farmiing using Martian Soil. DURATION'OF TRAINING? 8 years Training for learning physical and electrical repairs, confinėd agrīculture and medical upkeep. WILL THE ASTRONAUTS COME BACK? No technology for a return flight; so space travelers will never return, JOURNEY AND STAY? . 7-8 months journey in a capsulated vessel with No Showering, only wet towelettes. Daily 3 hours compulsory muscle-mass retaining exercises daily and freeze dried/ canried food. Self-care along with mental fitness to handle emergencies and deaths required. Water from recycling.urine to be used. Sources: •, Designed by Ukraine Chile Turkey- France

Mars Mission

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This info graphic provides information on mission of mars one way trip, countries participating in mars one, human settlement on mars and selection process of mars.






mars trip


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