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Making a Difference: Community Practice for Social Change

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Community Practice por Social Change Lasting social change requires innovative and strategic action in organizations, communities, and systems. While some social workers focus on working directly with individuals and families, community practitioners focus on longer-term change at a broader scale. Learn how innovators in the field of Community Practice are leading more effective organizations, building stronger communities and changing systems to promote more equity and opportunity. THE SCALE OF SOCIAL WORK Social workers promote empowerment and social change on three levels: 大大 大大 大公 朵 AARA 大大 大 OMicro: O Mezzo: A Macro Individuals and families (health care access, counseling, adoption, etc.) Neighborhoods and institutions (community organizing, management, etc.) States and countries (policy research, lobbying, advocacy, etc.) Community practice for social change happens here U.S. SOCIAL WORK JOBS: ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS: More than 100,000 ONE OF THE fastest growing PROFESSIONS students are enrolled in social work degree programs Over 650,000 Projected to increase by 25% Ph.D. in Social Work Master of Social Work (MSW) between 2010 and 2020 MSSA, MASW and MSSW Degrees Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) WHAT IS COMMUNITY PRACTICE FOR SOCIAL CHANGE? Community practice is a well-established subfield in macro-level social work that promotes social justice and increased quality of life, particularly for the most marginalized and vulnerable populations. Development: Onganizing.: Planning: Progressive change.: Designing and implementing strategies to change living environments and Building networks and coalitions and empowering people to change their social, economic, and political conditions Designing more effective and better-coordinated projects, programs, and Promoting social, economic, and political changes that expand human rights, promote social justice, and enhance human capacities opportunity structures services INNOVATIVE LEADERS IN THE FIELD Susan Blasko "Celebrating the community's proud history and legacy of hope." PROGRAM FACILITATOR FOR YOUTH & TECHNOLOGY, PNC FAIRFAX CONNECTION Provides community access to childhood programs, historic preservation, and cultural resources in the Fairfax neighborhood of Cleveland, OH PURPOSE: MAJOR PROGRAM: Grow Up Great! $350 million bilingual early childhood education initiative Master of Science in Social Administration at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. DECREE: Geoffrey Canada "Cradle to College to Career." CEO, HARLEM CHILDREN'S ZONE (HCZ) PURPOSE: Provides children in Harlem, NY, with a series of educational, social, health, and community-building programs to encourage academic success NEIGHBORHOOD COVERAGE: From 24 blocks to 100 blocks in 10 years ERVES OVER 10,000 CHILDREN AND 7,400 ADULTS Frank Farrow "Ideas into Action." DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF SOCIAL POLICY Develops public policy solutions and provides technical assistance to support vulnerable children and families PURPOSE: OVER 25 PROCRAMS OPERATING IN THE U.S. MAJOR INITIATIVE Strengthening families (prevention of child abuse) REACHED 35,000 PARTICIPANTS IN 23 STATES (2012) Paula Mcloy "Serving | Strengthening I Sustaining Our Communities." CONSULTANT AND FORMER PRESIDENT/CEO, NORTH CAROLINA MINORITY SUPPORT CENTER (NCMSC) Creates economic opportunity through small business funding and community credit union advocacy in North Carolina PURPOSE: FUNDED 43 SMALL BUSINESSES, SUPPORTING OVER 600 JOBS $2.6 MILLION IN LOAN FUNDING Master of Science in Social Administration at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. DEGREE: Sandra Moore "Engaging Residents. Revitalizing Community. Empowering Possibility." PRESIDENT, URBAN STRATEGIES PURPOSE: Rebuilds physical and human infrastructure of redeveloping urban communities COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMS IN 14 U.S. COMMUNITIES SERVING 19,980 LOW- TO MODERATE-INCOME FAMILIES Tom &Brien "Igniting the power of everyday people." PROGRAM DIRECTOR, NEIGHBORHOOD CONNECTIONS (THE CLEVELAND FOUNDATION) Providing neighborhood grants as an investment in everyday people, actively using their creativity, passion, ingenuity, and connectedness to make life better, right where they live PURPOSE: PROVIDES $5 MILLION IN FUNDING TO OVER 1,600 PROJECTS DECREE: Master of Science in Social Administration at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Michael Sherraden "Enable individuals, families, and communities to formulate and achieve life goals." FOUNDING DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Studies and develops public policy innovations to enhance social and economic opportunities for disadvantaged communities PURPOSE: FOUR PROCRAM AREAS: Asset Building, Civic Service and Engagement, Productive Aging, and Thriving Communities DR. SHERRADEN WAS NAMED ONE OF TIME'S 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN 2010 Ready ACTION for POSITIVE CHANCE in your community? ТО ТАКЕ Discover the possibilities at SOURCES: JACK, JOSEPH AND MORTON MANDEL SCHOOL OF APPLIED SOCIAL SCIENCES CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY

Making a Difference: Community Practice for Social Change

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Ready to make a positive change in your community? Learn what community practice is all about and discover innovative people already making a positive change in social work.


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