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A Look Back: Major Milestones in Guitar History

Major Milestones in Guitar History 1500s THE FIRST GUITAR 1800s SINGLE-STRING Most people believed the guitar evolved from the lute, which was used by troubadours, kings, and queens during GUITARS the Renaissance. The lute had four strings which you had to pluck. The first major development in the guitar was moving from double-strung instruments to guitars with only one string per note. The single-string trend caught on and quickly took over after the early 1800s. 000 6000 1840s STEEL STRINGS 1930s & NEW DESIGN ELECTRICITY & Now famous guitar maker Christian Martin invented the X-braced guitar. AMPLIFICATION Some found the X-braced guitars overly quiet, which resulted in the first metal-stringed guitars. George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker invented the "Frying Pan," the first electric lap steel guitar, in 1931. In 1940, Les Paul created "The Log," one of the first solid-body electric guitars. 1950s THE FIRST ROCK In 1951, Jackie Brenston, Ike Turner, and the Delta Cats were on their way to record 1990s THE GUITAR when the guitarist's amp fell from the roof of the car! NETWORK The speaker cone inside the amp tore from the impact; destroying the loud, clean sound. The band rolled with the new sound and Since websites and online resources have created the first guitar distortion. become easily accessible, more guitarists can learn from masters than ever before. About five years later, the band Rock 'n' Roll Trio made a similar discovery that they could Guitar websites and YouTube make it achieve the same tone through loosening possible for aspiring guitarists to watch tutorials, read practice tips, and learm new electronic components in their amps. skills! Plus with online and in-person lessons, you can work with a private instructor and boost your guitar skills in no time! t0 takelessons Ready to sign up for guitar lessons? Find a guitar instructor at SOURCES:

A Look Back: Major Milestones in Guitar History

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Fun facts and milestones in the evolution of the guitar. Learn guitar history with this visual timeline. g




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