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Literacy in the World

LITERACY PEACE GENDER DEVELOPMENT EQUALITY HEALTH POVERTY ERADICATION EMPOWERMENT LITERACY IS A HUMAN RIGHT, A TOOL FOR PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT AND A MEANS FOR SOCIAL AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES DEPEND ON LITERACY. LITERACY IS AT THE HEART OF BASIC EDUCATION FOR ALL AND ESSENTIAL FOR POVERTY ERADICATION, GENDER EQUALITY, MATERNAL HEALTH, CHILD MORTALITY REDUCTION, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, PEACE AND DEMOCRACY. LITERACY IN THE WORLD GLOBAL ILLITERATE POPULATION ADULT ILLITERATE POPULATION YOUTH ILLITERATE POPULATION Age > 15 Age 15-24 775,000,000 16% 775 122 MILLION MILLION 64% are 61% are Nearly 16% of world's population is ILLITERATE WOMEN GIRLS COUNTRY WITH THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF ILLITERATE ADULTS THAT'S OVER TIMES THE "Literacy is a development accelerator and a force for IN INDIA POPULATION OF FRANCE 287 MILLION péace" Irina Bokova ADULTS ARE ILLITERATE ADULT LITERACY RATE YOUTH LITERACY RATE Less than 50% 50% to 59% 60% to 69% 70% to 79% 80% to 89% 90% to 100% No data GENDER AND HEALTH 915 deaths | per 100,000 live births 61 MILLION children of primary school age are not enrolled in school 1/2 of them are girls High maternal mortality ratios in countries that record high levels of gender inequality THESE CHILDREN ARE LIKELY TO BECOME THE NEXT GENERATION OF ILLITERATES LITERATE/EDUCATED MOTHERS ARE MORE "Every literate woman is a victory over poverty" Ban Ki-moon LIKELY TO BE INFORMED OF THE RISK OF HIV TRANSMISSION DURING PREGNANCY, LABOUR, DELIVERY AND BREASTFEEDING AS WELL AS PREVENTIVE MEASURES TO BE UNDERTAKEN. POVERTY Number of people living on less than $1.25 a day 1,4 0 0,0000 o THE MAJORITY LIVES IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA AND SOUTHERN ASIA - THE TWO 47% 34% REGIONS WITH THE LOWEST LITERACY RATES GLOBALLY " Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope " Kofi Annan PEACE AND DEMOCRACY POORLY-LITERATE INDIVIDUALS ARE LESS LIKELY TO PARTICIPATE IN DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES AND HAVE FEWER CHANCES TO FULLY EXERCISE THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS. LIVING IN A CONFLICT-AFFECTED AREA INCREASES THE LIKELIHOOD OF NOT BECOMING LITERATE OR OF NOT GAINING ACCESS TO EDUCATION 42% Q0. MOO. of out-of-school children worldwide live in conflict-affected countries 21 DEVELOPING COUNTRIES SPEND MORE ON ARMS THAN ON PRIMARY SCHOOLS CUTTING MILITARY SPENDING BY 10% COULD PUT 9.5 MILLION CHILDREN INTO SCHOOL LITERACY HAS TRANSFORMATIVE POTENTIAL. IT EXPANDS INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS AND PEOPLE'S CHOICES; ENGAGES PEOPLE IN MEANINGFUL SOCIAL PARTICIPATION PROCESSES AND HELPS INDIVIDUALS RESIST ABUSE AND MANIPULATION. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela SOURCES Message from Director-General of UNESCO, on International Literacy Day 2011 Human Development Report 2010. The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development UNESCO Institute for Statistics. Data for 2010 UN Secretary-General's message on International Literacy Day 2010 The Millennium Development Goals Report 2012 "UNESCO Global Monitoring Report 2011, The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education, Data for 2009 UNESCO Produced for INSTITUTE 1И UNCICE ПЕН United Nations STATISTICS Regional Information Centre for Western Europe United Nations Educational, Scientific and . Cultural Organization United Nations United Nations Educational. Scientific and. Literacy Decade Cultural Organization. 2003 - 2012 by Antonio di Vico and Louis Fourmentin %24

Literacy in the World

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Literacy is at the heart of basic education for all and essential for poverty eradication, gender equality, maternal health, child mortality reduction, sustainable development, peace and democracy. Th...


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