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A Librarians Worth

LIBRARIAN'S WORTH VISITS TO LIBRARIES Forget about that image of librarians as a mousy book worms. More and more of today's librarians are high-tech information sleuths, and clever interrogators, helping patrons plumb the oceans of information available in books and digital records. 1,504,861,000 In one year What are librarian's worth? We will take a look at the numbers and facts on librarians and the libraries they work in. OOD OR BRAIN FOOD? LIBRARIAN'S AROUND THE COUNTRY MCDONALDS 12,804 III 135,000 In the United states ESTIMATED LIBRARIES 122,101 AVERAGE In the United states AVERAGE LIBRARIAN MAKES EMAIL RECEIVED BY LIBRARIANS $56,547 367 in one week WHAT ARE LIBRARIANS WORTH AROUND THE WORLD? AVERAGE SALARIES FOR LIBRARIANS AND PEOPLE WORKING IN THE EDUCATION SECTOR ."RUSSIA S4,236 CANADA S0.646 UNITED KINGDOM S 23.135 FRANCE $27,945 KOREA S23,724 SPAIN $22,608 UNITED STATES $56,547 JAPAN $38 INA SS,148 MEXICO S8,640 BRAZIL $13,824 AUSTRALIA $33 487 EXPECTED WAGE BY AGE EMPLOYMENT AVERAGE HOURLY EARNINGS (S/HOUR) LIBRARIAN ALL OCCUPATIONS 16% Other $1543 AGE 20-24 S11.74 $23.22 27% AGE 25-54 Local Government $19.76 59% Public and private Educational institutions $21.80 AGE 55+ S19.59 EACH DAY, U.S. LIBRARIES CIRCULATE NEARLY 4 TIMES MORE ITEMS THAN AMAZON HANDLES. U.S. PUBLIC LIBRARY CARDHOLDERS OUTNUMBER AMAZON.COM CUSTOMERS BY 5 TO 1. FULL TIME VS. PART TIME EXPECTING GROWTH ARE LIBRARIANS GETTING OLD? WORKERS IN THIS Twenty-five percent of librarians work part time. Employment of librarians is expected to GROW BY 8 PERCENT A LARGE NUMBER OF 25% OCCUPATION TEND TO BE OLDER THAN LIBRARIANS ARE LIKELY TO RETIRE IN THE WORKERS IN THE REST OF 8% between 2008 and 2018 COMING DECADE. THE ECONOMY A WOMAN'S WORKPLACE WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH DEWEY? MELVIL DEWEY WAS A 19TH CENTURY 78% LIBRARIAN WHO CREATED THE DEWEY women DECIMAL SYSTEM, A SYSTEM OF 22% ORGANIZING LIBRARY MATERIALS. Just like your home address, books need an address, so that people can find them. men WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT LIBRARIANS? REFERENCE LIBRARIANS ANSWER MORE THAN 7.2 MILLION QUESTIONS WEEKLY STANDING SINGLE FILE, THE LINE OF QUESTIONERS WOULD STRETCH FROM NEW YORK CITY TO JUNEAU, ALASKA! SIXTY-FIVE PERCENT OF THOSE POLLED SAID THEY HAD VISITED THE LIBRARY IN THE PAST YEAR 72% 58% WOMEN MEN WOMEN ARE MORE LIKELY TO VISIT THE LIBRARY THAN MEN, ESPECIALLY WORKING WOMEN, WORKING MOTHERS AND WOMEN AGED 18-54. ONE WEEK IN THE LIFE OF A LIBRARIAN 800 In minutes 390 300 240 185 145 145 100 90 90 75 45 50 30 THE AVERAGE LIBRARIAN SPENDS A TOTAL NUMBER OF 2,785 MINUTES AT WORK IN ONE WEEK. LOOK AT HOW THEY SPEND THERE TIME STRAIGHT FROM THE STACKS A QUICK LOOK AT WHAT LIBRARIAN'S DO FOR THEIR LIBRARIES AND COMMUNITIES Referring patrons to other community organizations and government offices Suggesting appropriate 2 books and different reading Developing programs for O library users of all ages and backgrounds material Managing access to electronic Writing grants to gain funding for expanded program or collections Digitizing collections for information resources online access Answering incoming reference questions via telephone, postal Building collections to respond to changing community needs or demands Facilitating and promoting reading clubs mail, e-mail, fax, and chat LIBRARIANS ARE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS WITH ADVANCED DEGREES, THEY MAKE A HUGE CONTRIBUTION IN THEIR LIBRARIES AND COMMUNITIES. php INFOGRAPHIC BOUGH TO YOU BY: CREATED BY OBIZMEDIA.COM

A Librarians Worth

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Librarians often have a specific reputation for being old book worms, but in reality librarians are savvy, technology adept and educated people who are serving thousands of people a day with necessary...


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