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Learning Through Play

Ge Learning Thröugh Play Shanghat Play-based learning provides 'a context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations' - Australia' s Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Cognitive and creativity Sooial Well-being Play nurtures creativity, Research shows that By playing and making mistakes, children learn how to have a good sense of humour.By engaging in solo play, children learn that individual happiness can be created.Play causes a mix of endorphins that lifts spirits imagination, strategies for problem solving and the expansion of a child's critical divergent thought playing with others assists children in building positive relationships through understanding process. proper social skills. and distracts children from pain, fear, burdens. other Water Play •Builds concentration as children try to pour water from container to container •Permits a child to learn for his or herself the therapeutic properties of water Outdoor Play Physical Exercise + Teamwork Arts and Crafts Physical exercise means children are children to use a running, jumping, climbing, picking up which helps them to or carrying objects, swimming, kicking and throwing. All these activities help to improve metabolism and increase energy expenditures. Painting allows new artistic medium, explore their imagination and intuition with new materials. Creating pictures and sculptures helps children to lecarn about space, shapes, area and symmetry. Sand Play • Allowing children free-range in a sandbox will allow them to learn the concept of area, as well as how they can affect that space • When building sand castles, the social aspects of sharing and cooperation are incorporated YCIS TIPS: Make time for play Playing is one of the bost (and most fun) ways for children to learn, so parents should be sure to include time for play in their child' s schedule. Play can help foster learning at any age, which means playing with your child can actually hoip you learn new concepts and lessons. Schools should also develop an environment in which children can positively learn through play. At Yew Chung International School, children are oncouraged to activoly participate, investigate and experiment to find out. about the world in which they live. Sponsored By O YCIS (USA China Qingdao Beijing A leading International YCIS School with campuses in Silicon China, Hong Kong and the USA. YCIS Valley Shanghai Chongging Hong Kong focuses on providing a balanced education that uses bilingual education in English and Chinese at the core of its curriculum. Beijing Shanghai E-mail: E-mail: Phone: (8610) 8583 3731 Phone: (8621) 6219 5910 ext 222

Learning Through Play

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Children love to interact with their environment, especially through the medium of play. By allowing children to experience play, it is possible for them to experience play-based learning, which aids ...


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