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Learning Japanese: Steps to success & fluency

Learning Japanese STEPS TO SUCCESS & FLUENCY Japan 日本 • Country area: 377,873 km? 61st & Population: 127,590,000 Sea of Japan 10th Tökyö NORTH PACIFIC Japanese 日本語 OCEAN - Speakers total: 130,000,000 East China Sea 9th Philippine Sea Official in: Japan, Palau THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE IS WRITTEN WITH A COMBINATION OF FOUR SCRIPTS. Principally, kanji 7 the building blocks of vocabulary. Also used is hiragana U 5s, assisting with 30% of Japanese texts 2,136 commonly used > which are logographic characters of Chinese origin, pronunciation, unusual words, and grammatical features. It's easy to learn, and can be free course at mastered in just two weeks lot com In addition, katakana 5 4, the other phonetic script, is used for both the transcription of borrowed words and stylistic emphasis. Lastly, deprecated at rõmaji ROMAJI transliterates native Japanese into the Latin alphabet. 16 24 32 40 chapters Approximate level: JLPT N5 GCSE N4 SAT AP N3 A-level LV1 N2 N1 BAC LV3 LV2 Level 5 lingualift Tackling major texts, conversing with ease. I E-Textbook Level 4 Kanji Academy Expressing yourself clearly and vividly. I Vocab Lab Level 3 Understanding what you read and hear. Level 2 Grasping grammar and building sentences. Level 1 Laying the foundations, cracking the kana. N5 N4 N3 N2 N1 100 300 650 1,000 2,000 kanji N5 N4 N3 N2 N1 800 1,500 3,750 6,000 10,000 words FLIEHA *. Ican speak the Japanese language. JLPT EE GCSE I SAT Japanese Language Proficiency Test General Certificate of Secondary Education Scholastic Aptitude Test (Subject Test) Requires an understanding of both written and spoken forms of Japanese after you've studied Japanese for more This flagship test has a strong focus on Tests for basic reading, writing and grammar, and need for a large culture- specific vocabulary. N5 grounds you in basic communication, and on completing listening competency, reading short texts and responding in Japanese and English. Usually taken at the end of at least two years of study, after having acquired around 200 kanji. than two years. The test is composed of N1, you will know over 2000 kanji and reach near-native level of Japanese. a 20-minute listening section and a 40- minute usage and reading section. O BAC E A-level E AP French Baccalauréat Advanced Level General Certificate of Education Advanced Placement Split into three exams, the exam tests The exams are taken after at least four This exam assesses learning at the level of reading, speaking, and in some cases years of study and focus on reading comprehension, extended study relating to literature, industry or culture, and expect a high competency of written Japanese and mastery of over 600 kanji. college Japanese courses, after you've written expression. The easiest, Langue studied for more than two years. It Vivant 3 (LV3) level, is usually taken at the requires an understanding of both end of three years of study, after having acquired around 140 kanji. written and spoken forms and is approximately three hours in length. lingualift We'll guide you from your first steps, all the way to fluency. Learn more at .................. KANJI VOCAB LAB ACADEMY PRONUNCIATION E-TEXTBOOK STUDIO RECOGNOSCE MEMORIAE MANDA

Learning Japanese: Steps to success & fluency

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Everything you need to know about learning the Japanese language in one simple infographic.




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