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Learning Chinese is Possible!

LEARNING CHINESE IS POSSIBLE! steps to tackle the I challenge of learning Chinese LEARN ABOUT RADICALS step ONE You will literally go round and round in circles unless you have a basic understanding of what a radical is. Check out this article to get your started: The Radical Truth: The Importance Learning Radicals. 乙 」 yī gün zhů piě yi jué èr tóu LEARN ABOUT CHINESE CULTURE AND HISTORY Even just a little will really improve your understanding of Chinese characters, especially if you are learning traditional Chinese characters. Read about Chinese Characters here. stepTWO LEARN ABOUT TONES One of the most difficult part of learning Chinese for many people are the tones. This isn't just important when speaking, but also writing (and therefore reading). To learn more about tones and changes in written Chinese go here and read Rules for Changing Tones in Chinese . You can also practice your listening and spoken Chinese with our Tone Trainer! step THREE LEARN ABOUT CHARACTER STROKE ORDER Remembering character stroke order is a challenging part of learning to write Chinese. Take a look at our post: Chinese Character Stroke Rules (And How To Break Them!) step FOUR 1 人 GET TO GRIPS WITH MEASURE WORDS Using the correct measure word for specific objects can be a challenge. Get started with this guide: Weighing Up Measure Words. step FIVE NEXT CHECK OUT Written Chinese: Where Do I Start? 可 step 5IX 他 如 规 START LEARNING Don't wait until you're ready, you're ready now! Get started, go through each of these steps, and make it a daily part of your life! We hope this motivated you to start your Chinese learning journey step SEVEN - check out our website at for a suite of mobile apps, dictionaries, tools, and blogs to follow along your learning adventure! Written Chinese

Learning Chinese is Possible!

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WrittenChinese.Com | Follow these 7 step to tackle the challenge of learning Chinese! We believe that by following these 7 steps you can become a master of Chinese in no time!


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