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Learn About the Classical Piano Eras

INTRO IO CLASSICAL PIANO MUSIC BAROQUE 1600-1750 IMPORTANT PIANO COMPOSERS Johann George Georg Philipp Telemann Domenico François Couperin Sebastian Bach Frideric Handel Scarlatti TYPICAL ASPECTS OF THE MUSIC Frequent use of * Popular compositional * Use of terraced forms included fugue, Most music was * Much use of written for harpsichord because the piano dynamics, which is when there are big trills and other counterpoint, which musical dance suite, toccata, is when multiple wasn't popular yet ornaments and concerto and/or sudden melodic lines weave dynamic contrasts together to form harmonies CLASSICAL 1750-1825 IMPORTANT PIANO COMPOSERS Wolfgang Ludwig van Joseph Haydn Franz Muzio Amadeus Mozart Beethoven Schubert Clementi TYPICAL ASPECTS OF THE MUSIC * The piano became * More variety within Lightness and elegance were prized after the serious and grand music of the Baroque Less emphasis on Alberti bass popular during this time and harpsichord fell out of use counterpoint in a shift to music with melody and accompaniment pieces in terms of keys, rhythms, and dynamics popular, especially at beginning of classical period ROMANTIC 1825-1900 IMPORTANT PIANO COMPOSERS Peter llyich Tchaikovsky Johannes Frédéric Robert Claude Brahms Chopin Schumann Debussy TYPICAL ASPECTS OF THE MUSIC Specific tempo and * Folk melodies and dynamic markings * The use of program music, which is music that tells a story Music reflected Music in this era was emotions and moods nationalism were more rhythmically and became much came into use prominent for some and harmonically more expressive composers complex MODERN 1900-PRESENT IMPORTANT PIANO COMPOSERS Arnold Charles Aaron Sergei Igor Stravinsky Schoenberg Ives Copland Prokofiev TYPICAL ASPECTS OF THE MUSIC A wide variety of Experimentations * Explorations of More rhythmic complexity developed with use of polyrhythms Greater use of atonality (no discernable key center) and polytonality (multiple key centers at the styles and musical experiments as dissonance with with electronic more complicated music and composers looked for and mixed meters harmonies and amplification chord clusters new ways to express themselves same time) te takelessons

Learn About the Classical Piano Eras

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This infographic dives into the four classical eras: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. Learn about the important composers, the popular pieces to know, and the general style of each era.


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