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Languages of America

Languages of America Number of states/territories with English only law: 33, without: 23 English only law 33 de facto bilingual states: without 23 1. Louisiana 2. Maine In 2000, the census bureau printed the standard census questionnaires in 3. Texas 3 4. New Mexico 6 According to US census data, states with the highest concentrations of people who speak a language other than English at home are: languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (in traditional characters), Vietnamese, and Tagalog California Arizona CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC Native American languages: largest Native American speaking community: New Mexico illinois ILLINOIS Navajo: 178,000 speakers Техas Florida Dakota: 18,000 speakers Nevada New York Central Alaskan Yup'ik: 16,000 speakers Cherokee: 22,000 speakers According to US census data, 55. 4 million people speak a language other than English at home, of these 4% 62% speak Spanish (34.5 million speakers) 15% 19% speak another Indo-European language (10.3 million people) 15% speak an Asian or Pacific island language (8.3 million speakers) 19% 62% 4% speak another language (2.3 million people) 148,000 Roughly German was widely spoken in some areas, most notably Pennsylvania due to immigration. million Americans currently 49 claim to have German speakers of Yiddish in the US as of 2009. Example of Yiddish words used in US EN: ancestors - the biggest self-described ethnic group in the US although only mazel - luck 1.24 witz - joke million Americans chutzpah - daringlaudacity speak German at home. BUSINESSLANGUAGESERVICES Sources:

Languages of America

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An infographic demonstrating the different languages that are spoken in America. Some may even surprise you!


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