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Labor Day Safety Information

ELEMENTS g SAFE LABOR DAY CELEBRATION WATER BOATING ACCIDENTS COMPARED TO 0THER SUMMER MONTHS 84% didn't wear a lifejacket September 2 75% killed from drowning HAS THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF BOATING FATALITIES at 13% due to labor day ALCOHOL USE XXX IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HIGHEST AMOUNT OF BOATING FATALITIES 300 ACCIDENTS each year excessive speed and operator inattention/inexperience result in highest injury count ARE CAUSED BY MECHANICAL FAILURE DROWNING IS THE 5th LEADING CAUSE of unintentional injury in the U.S. SAFETY tips TREAT IT LIKE A CAR INSPECT BEFORE USE WEAR A LIFE VEST do not operate a boat under the influence carefully inspect your watercraft before and use a designated driver wear a life jacket even when swimming to greatly minimize any chance of drowning use to avoid unnecessary accidents how to IDENTIFY A DROWNING VICTIM If someone is drowning they exhibit what is referred to as Instinctive Drowning Response: they do not wave, splash or call out. Instead they try to leverage their arms towards the surface to prevent drowning. Any attempts at splashing and calling for help are secondary and oftentimes unavailable to panicking victims FIRE CAMPING + FOREST FIRES THE LATER SUMMER MONTHS ARE THE 81% OF CAMPFIRE CONTACT BURN VICTIMS Hottest E Driest TIMES OF THE YEAR. THIS INCREASES THE CHANCE OF XXX INTOXICATED шелe at the time of the incident accidental forest fires the pire department RESPONDS TO OVER 6,500 GRILL FIRES E ACH YEAR 43% this has caused over of all grill fires WERE CAUSED BY MECHANICAL $27 million IN PROPERTY DAMAGE MALFUNCTIONS FIREWORK NUMBERED OVER 8.700 RELATED INJURIES NATION WIDE IN 2012 SAFETY tips CAMPFIRES GRILLS FIREWORKS don't wear loose clothing continuously check your grill for malfunctions remove all dry leaves and brush set fire 3 ft. from other objects never point fireworks at another person start fires with matches or chimney starters nurchase fireworks from a licensed keep a bucket of water nearby use long-handled tools reseller; and carefully follow directions avoid use of flammable liquids or lighter fluid to start or maintain a fire : use dried Wood or newspaper instead grill on a flat surface keep a bucket of water nearby mix ashes in a bucket of water and let sit before disposing in trash do not shoot fireworks from glass containers EARTH TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS compared to non-holiday periods there are 15% more 400 FATALITIES ACCIDENTS and 38,000 INJURIES will occur on a typical DURING HOLIDAYS HOLIDAY Wear your WEEKEND SAFETY BELT SEATBELTS SAVED 13000 LIVES in 2009 alone SAFETY tips BE RESPONSIBLE SHARE THE DRIVE AVOID BAD DRIVERS watch out for erratic drivers who speed and swerve never drink and drive designate a driver obey traffic rules and speed limits alternate drivers during long trips SKY SUN EXPOSURE people are more likely to NEGLECT PROPER SUN PROTECTION an LABOR DAY DEHYDRATION is the 3rd leading cause OF PREVENTABLE HOSPITALIZATIONS NATIONWIDE ALCOHOL and PROLONGED SUN EXPOSURE increase the risk of DEHYDRATION The heat and sun are just as strong in early September as July and August SAFETY tips SPF CHOOSE THE RIGHT SUNBLOCK STAY HYDRATED BALANCE ALCOHOL & WATER a sun blocks effectiveness of over 50+ SPF is negligible drink frequently to fight heat exhaustion and help your skin combat sun damage drink 4 times the amount of water as alcohol to help keep you hydrated, reduce your hangover and give you energy look for "Broad Spectrum" sunscreen to protect from both UVA and UVB rays SOURCES DESIGNED BY Highrank HTTP://WWW.NSC.ORG/DOCUMENTS/LABDAY2012.PDF websites inc. HTTP://WWW.RODALE.COM/FIRE-SAFETY-TIPS HTTP://WWW.CDC.GOV/FEATURES/DSDROWNINGRISKS/ HTTP://WWW.USCGBOATING.ORG/ASSETS/1/WORKFLOW_STAGING/PAGE/705.PDF

Labor Day Safety Information

shared by kiernan on Sep 10
Provides everyone who is celebrating Labor Day and there families with all the important safety measures you should be taking in order to decrease the chances of the dangerous activities that are incl...


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