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KS3 ICT & Media Self Assessment Guide

Students, Read Me! Technical Ability programming troubleshooting movie editing css teardown & rebuild Working With Information 1. This guide is designed to help you steer & assess your own leaming. 2. Střands and keywords describe all course content. 3. Choose strand+keyword pairs which fit your wyork. 4. Foreach pair, describe how you have met each level, just like in the guidelines and examples. 5. Şkipany levels which are not relevant or achieved. 6. Levels reflect the different ways to use, interact with and respond to knowledge and information. 7. Highlight keywords with the header colour of the highest level you efficiency sort improve data types search terms 9uality refine logical operators datajnformation multiple sources search combine evaluate eliminate errors reliability citation/attribution productivity apps audio editing graphic design html using documentation hand tools web browser publishing online networking õperating system social networking search visualisation use of hardware CMS Technical Concepts have reached. the Internęt tep/ip bits & Bytes Communication dişcussion email genre reflective writingaudience etiquette presentation technical writing multimedia social networking purpose collaboration subject specific misunderstanding timing/delay digital portfolio embed laptop mav smartphone png network of networks desktop jpg mobile Hz/GHz complex systems file types Internet vs WWW file conversion kB/MB/GB/TB mp3 Controlling Machines plan loop instructions Scratch technical vocabulary conditional algorithm execute JavaScript packet switching xlsx docx components sequential processing refine subroutine Java programming software notification robotics PHP exactitude test 3D printing Knowing Doing Understanding Judging Becoming Creating What? Strand + Keyword Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 What knowledge did you gain? What have you remembered? What things have you learned to do? What skills Have you really understood the knowledge? Could you teach it back to someone? What about importance, strengths, limitations, implications, connections? Has your attainment of Levels 2-5 changed your Has your attainment of Levels 2-6 allow you to create something new? Content or idea studied Guidelines have you gained? values and actions? CC is a way to share your work with others, and to reuse the work of others. I can add a CC license to my work, search for, use and attribute CC materials. CC is a response to copyright, and allows sharing of culture and knowledge. I choose to use CC only materials, and now value copyright and ownership. CC means I have less Intellectual Property Creative Commons I created some new digital artwork, which I have shared online using DeviantArt. material to use in ICT than Examples other subjects, but it is legal! Getting Work Done remote collaboration productivity collaboration Critical Thinking sustainability individual behaviour CAM workplace personal safety who we are 'interpersonal relationships global ICT vs technology CAD human development home workplace manmade societal change personal experience modern living knowledge links embed WordPress design evaluation HTML implementation tools creativity individual group leadership gumption creating prediction Bloom's Taxonomy analysing transdisciplinary evaluating cause & effect implications decision making cooperation RSS problem solving Scratch tool client programming language remix attribution Creative Commons Drupal genuine problem iterative improvement Css functioning solution incentive image, video, text, music search GNU GPL patents freedom knowledge plagiarism creativity Copyright law Creating Solutions Intellectual Property Humans & Technology KS3 IÇT & Media Self Assessment Guide Designed by Ross Parker. http:/l/ @rossdotparker Shared under CC BY-NC-SA: feel free to reuse and redistribute Thanks to the amazing educators who have inspired this work Blokletters Font by FontSquirrel at|5 under CC BY CC A simple way for students to assess their own development, whilst learning introspection & reflection. BY NC SA

KS3 ICT & Media Self Assessment Guide

shared by rossdotparker on Apr 14
A simple way for students to assess their own development, whilst learning introspection & reflection, and tracking their progress through the course. See ...


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Ross Parker


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