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Kids & Mobile Technology

Kids & The MOBILE TECHNOLOGY Takeover Look around at any restaurant or mall, pretty much anywhere, and it's easy to see: adults are always connected to their mobile devices. But as this technology becomes even more ingrained in our lives, what can we expect for our children? Studies show that – used wisely - technology can be an important part of their everyday lives as well. THE RAPID MOBILE INCREASE At what age does it begin? Children are exploring mobile technology at a younger age as more applications are geared toward a younger audience. According to research, kids are exploring what tablets can offer when they're still in diapers. 10% 39% 54% AGE 5-8 AGE 2-4 AGE 0-1 WHAT DO PARENTS THINK? As it turns out, technology for children in the household isn't as detested as it once was. In fact, way over half of parents surveyed believe it's beneficial for learning and creativity! 7 out of 10 children under the 22% of parents reported giving 30% of the apps on parent's phones are downloaded for use by their children. their child a mobile device or age of 12 use or have used a mobile device or tablet. tablet to keep them occupied while running errands. 70% 22% 30% 77% Parents that agree tablets help children's learning & creativity WHAT ARE THEY GOOD FOR? So many applications for mobile devices and tablets are now being specially made for children with the knowledge that the trend is booming. These percentages tell us where the designers are currently gearing their efforts. 28% 19% 42% 46% 16% Art & Music Character Based Math & Puzzles Games For Fun Other Though many of us, including children, use our mobile devices for fun and games, more than half of children under 12 use the tablets for educational purposes too. 77% 80% 70% 57% 55% 60% 43% 41% 50% 40% 30% 20% 15% 10% GAMES COMMUNICATE TRAVEL ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATION TV SHOWS RESTAURANT ENTERTAINMENT WITH FRIENDS MOBILE EDUCATION Schools are joining the technology trend as well, with many school districts agreeing that tablets are just as effective as books for teaching and learning material in the classroom. MORE THAN 600 1.5 MILLION Within the first 45 days of the iPad release school districts in 2011 nationwide reported using iPad programs to replace tablets currently being used by students in the United States as it progresses as the standard 72% OF ITUNES top selling educational apps are designed for preschoolers and elementary students. 47,000 IPADS were sold to school districts in the U.S. textbooks in classrooms. Turn your tablets to Page 12 THE FUTURE OF THE IGENERATION Though many can agree on the positives that mobile technology offers our children, there is still argument that it decreases kid's physical activity and can become a distraction rather than an aid for study and education. What are the common arguments and the stats to support them? 1 Distraction vs. Studų Aid Increased Learning Skills 90% of students of all ages believe that mobile tablets help them study more efficiently, and 3/4 of the students prefer tablets over textbooks. A is for Application! Studies show that educational apps increased vocabulary of 3-year olds by 17% & increased by 27% for 5-year olds with the same application. 3 Decreased Physical ActivitŲ Increased Creativitų 4 Only 11% of children ages 2-5 can tie their own shoes, but 22% can use a smart phone app. 20% of small children know how to swim while 70% know how to navigate a computer mouse for a computer game. 77% of parents believe that access to mobile technology helps learning and increases creativity; that's well over half. With so much out there for children to explore, do the positives outweigh the negatives? Learn. Love. Share. Your Everyday Life. http://cell-phone-parental-control-software- to-teach-kids-to-use-technology-safely/2012/07/30/9JQABECILX_blog.html schoolscom-study-examines-rapid-risetablet-use-among-kids-%E2%80%94-mobile-de CNE

Kids & Mobile Technology

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Look around at any restaurant or mall and it’s easy to see: adults are always connected to their mobile devices. But as this technology becomes even more ingrained in our lives, what can we expect f...


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