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Just Google It: How Google Has Changed Research for Grad Students

JUST Googleit How Google Has Changed Research for Grad Students 94% U.S. students equate research with using Google 75% Students who use Wikipedia & online encyclopedias 87% U.S. adults using the Internet who also use search engines 12 BILLION or 30% of all humans use the Internet WHO GOES ONLINE & USES A SEARCH ENGINE? 92% 87% 86% 87% 82% 72% MILLENNIALS (18-33) GEN X YOUNGER OLDER SILENT GENERATION GENERATION (65-73) G.I. (34-45) BOOMERS BOOMERS [45-55) (56-64) (74 +) THE BATTLE OF THE SEARCH ENGINES (as of 12/13) Google 66.7% o Aol O1.3% O2.6% 11.2% 18.2% Ask bing YAHOO!O NUMBER OF SEARCHES Google 18.3 billion overall in 12/13 12.3 billion bing 3.3 billion YAHOO! Ask Aol. 2 billion 452 million 234 million GOOGLE RESEARCH TOOLS scholar theses, books, abstracts & articles Chrome's FlashCards, for studying Google earth aerial & satellite photos, city names, country borders, etc. Go gle app engine create tools, apps, etc. that can be used by educators Google play millions of FREE books Google You Tube EDU books millions of books you can preview or read for free online lectures ONLINE RESEARCH TOOLS used by students 94% Google or other Wikipedia or other Database (EBSCO, JSTOR) Textbooks (electronic) INews sites (i.e. NY Times) YouTube or other 17% 18% 25% 75% 52% HISTORY OF ONLINE RESEARCH 'liT O 1962 MIT has "Galactic Network" o 1990 Public release of www Archie Query Form o 1990 1st search tool for the web O 1993 1st web crawler (Wanderer) & browser (Mosaic) YAHOO! O 1994 Netscape browser, 1st popular search engines altavista excite LYCC LYCOS O 1995 Internet Explorer BEARCH SOFTWARE o 1996 Instant messaging Google 1997 Google, 1 st blog, 1st social networking site 2003 Myspace O 2004 Facebook, Mozilla Firefox sixdegrees O 2006 Twitter o 2007 iPhone o 2008 Google Chrome iPhone o 2010 iPad iPado 2011 2 BILLION INTERNET USERS WORLD WIDE brought to you by Sources: study_of_student_research_habits_at_illinois_university_libraries_reveals_alarmingly_poor_information_literacy_and_skills#ixzz2pd2lXJBX Releases/2014/1/comScore_Releases_December_2013_US_Search_Engine_Rankings The Pew Reseach Center's Internet and American Life Project Online Survey of Teachers :)

Just Google It: How Google Has Changed Research for Grad Students

shared by BrianClk on Feb 21
It seems that in the battle of the search engines, Google, is by far the leader, with his powerful and innovative research tools – Google scholar, Google app engine, Google books, Google play, Googl...




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