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Jupiter Facts

JUPITER 24 5th Jupiter is 778 million km away from the sun Planet Jupiter's Great Red Named after: King of the Roman gods Spot H2 It is a gigantic storm (about the size of two to three Earths) that has been raging for hun- dreds of years. He Jupiter is a gas-giant planet and. therefore does-not have a solid surface. It's atmosphere is made up-mostlý of hydrogen (H2) and Helium (He). Jupiter has 67 50 known moons & 17 unconfirmed. moons. 10 moons 24 hours a day is not enough? Well it's worse in Jupiter with only 10 hours à day. hours The Galilean Satelites If Jupiter is a lolly jar, you can fit 1,321 earth-sized lollies in it! These re the largest moons out of the 67! They are named after Jupiter/Zeus' lovers Europa It's surface is mostly water ice. lo Most volcanically active body in the solar system. Callisto Rings The Main ring is 7,000 km wide and has an abrupt outer boundary 129,130 km It's surface is heavily cratered & ancient The Halo ring is a broad, faint torus of material about 20,000 km thick Ganymede The largest moon the in the solar The faint Gossamer ring extends out beyond the orbit of the moon Amalthea system Brought to you by: OPTICS CÈNTRAL References: http://www.scopesreviewed:com/jupiter/ Australia's Optics Superstore

Jupiter Facts

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For kids who love planets, and especially Jupiter. Here is an easy to understand fact sheet on the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. Brought to you by - Telescopes ...


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