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It's Time to Choose Your Adventure

Class of 20OII, It's time to CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE! Congratulations: you just graduated from college! Great Adventures await you. On your journey, take note of the pie charts. They show the 1. of previous graduates who experienced these issues, too. START HERE It's time to move out of your dorm Will you move: #1) HOUSING B. Out on your own? Back in with your parents? Within 6 months, 38 % of recent graduates were on their own. Within 6 months, 40% of recent graduates moved in with their parents. WORK Bringing home the bacon Dad wants to know #2 Wil you work: Will you work: Full-time? Part-time? unemployed? Unemployed? Part-time? Full-time? 48% 18 % 12% 12 % 18 % 48 % Average # of months to finda full-time job by graduation year 3.97 09 6.07 a ь 08 9.27 Related to Un-related Related to Unrelated degree to degree to degree OT 4.3 degree 0G 601 10 Once you land a job, continue forward a a You enjoy your job You hate your job You enjoy your job You hate your job 41% 6% 41% 6% D 1+ years later - 36% 45% Feel successful (Male) Feel successful (Female) 45% 33% Living with parents Living on their own $0 22% 18% Thought they would Making more $ than make more they thought theyd be 23% Fnancially dependent on parents Have debt 16% 14% Own a house or Had to move back apartment in with parents 6% Lost their jobs I wish I had. 29% 26% Applied to more jobs Networked 26% 18 Started job searching earlier Done more internships College Grad Will work 4 minimum wage 14 % 8% Changed my major Gone drectly to grad school 71 % 29% of grads wish they something differently while in college, to prepare the for the job market. one at least Wauldn't have done arnything differently Are you ready? Source: Adecco Graduation Survey - April 2011 Telephone survey of 503 recent college graduates of 4-year degree programs Ages 22-26 - Fielded by Braun Research - margin of error +/- 4.37I. %24

It's Time to Choose Your Adventure

shared by IGEmp on Dec 28
This infographic takes a look at the life after high school graduation. It takes a journey through college and after college to show what's the most important choices to make and how those choices eff...


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