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Italian Renaissance Visual Culture Timeline

Art 357 – Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Florence, Venice, and Rome: Rethinking Renaissance Visual Culture · Interterm 2011 • Dr. Liliana Leopardi CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY 1360-29 "59 35-1605 19-74 Giovarri d Bicci de' Madici, restored the family fortune Cosimo de' Medici dies Pope Leo XI (1605) (Alessandro Ottaviano de' Medici) Cosimo de' Medici Pazzi Conspirancy Giuliano de' Medci assassinated Treaty of Cateau-Cambrésis: ends the wars in Italy who restored the Medici lustre and confims imperial (Hapsburg) hegemony over Italy. Cosimo I the Great returns from exle, founder of the Madici political dynasty First Grand Duke of Tuscany (71 Battle of Lepanto: Spain, Verice, and Papacy (the Holy League) defeat the Turks. '2123 '91 Lorenzo de' Medici becomes head of Medici family, kader of Florence during the Golden Age of the Rensiseance Pope Leo X (Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici) Excommunicates Martin Luther Lorenzo de' Medici Pope Clement VIl (Giulio di Giuliano de Madici) Forbade the divorce of Henry VII DerwTMENT Or des Pope Innocent IX Aleander W bunched me frst censorship a priated books, called he index 55 '90 Pau N became acating when his sister become a mistess to Rope4eender и Pope Marcellus I| Pope * Urban VII '85- 90 Pope Sixtus V * '90-'91 Pope Gregory XIV 47-56 56-58 '58- 84 84-71 Pope Pope Nicholas V Callixtus III Pius I '84 -'92 Pope Innocent VII 03 03-13 Pope Alexander W Pius II "92-'03 Pope 22 Pope Adrian VI '50- 55 55- 59 '59 – 85 Pope Pius IV "92- 1605 Pope Clement VIII "04 - 06 '06-'15 17-'31 31-47 71-84 Pope Sixtus IV 34– 49 "66-72 72-86 Pope Gregory VII Reformed Calendar '82 not adopted until 1752 Pope Pope Innocent VII Pope Gregory XI Pope Martin V re-establishes Pope Eugene VI Pope Pope Paul I Pope Julius I| Рорв Paul II Pope Jufus III Pope Pius V Paul V admfted who AB dhidmn 10 agiimate '17 41 adied Two year period without a valid pope elected Alexander V and John XXIII were both antipopes during this period. '80 Pius Il issues the 75-80 Sxtus commissions amcatad her mamtages Sistine Chapel and construction. He also founds the Vatican Library. Plot to assasinate Leo X discovered. (Martin Luther nails 95 Thesas against indugences to Schbsskirche at Wittenburg.) papal authority wem Daptzed and Chiden wady to Conference of Ratisbon: Antorino appointed Archbishop of Florence HaT Mary '97 Натмаy Protsstants and Cathoics bull Exerabilis confirming the supremecy of the pope Alaxander V eKCommunicates try (and fail) to rasolve doctinal difamno8s. *25 '31-47 Ins ttuteda church tax on prosthts and Savoerola a tar on mistreS kept ay prdests Martin V. brings the Overseers of the streets under papal authority '92 Eugenius IV clears and paves the piazza in front of the Pantheon 45-47, '51-52, 82-83 Council of Trent '42 Revision to 194-98 Savonarola assumes power in Florence Bonfire of the vanities. Executed by Papal order. Inquisition Sevonarola born re-established Pope Paul III, Julus IlI, Pius IV Latin/Vulgate Bible completed. De cavel aaadovmalota dada Aratttunddalhuharhatip FLORENCE '15-'24 38 -43 Doge Palace, Porta della Carta 47-"55 Michelangelo's Florentine Pistá '61-85 Michelangelo's Porta Pia "06 "38 Raphael's Palazzo Branconio d'Aquila Michelangelo commissioned to renovate the Capitoline by Pope Paul II 1309-24 38-80's '79-1640 Doge Palace, designed by Filppo Calendario? Doge Palace, Агco Foecari Julius Il lays the foundation stone for the new St. Peter's. Sistine Madonna, Transfiguration (Completed by 1614,.) Doge Palace damagad by fire Doge Palace, Redecoration by: Veronese, Jacopo, D. Tintoretto, Franoeeco Bassaпо, Jacopo Palma il Gionane, and others. '88-'93 Lippi's Freecoes for the Carafa Chapel '73-83 45-80 Frescoes for the "59-82 Вeпоzzo Goгzoli Chapel Medici Palace Built life of Sixtus IV Саграссio Medici family buys Titian Lon of St Mark Pastoral Symphony Christ Carrying the Cross "86 VENICE Pitti Palace and turne "75-81 Sistine Chapel wall frescoes of the Vatican Obelisk 13-23 Brunelleschi it into their primary residence 21-40 San Lorenzo by Flippo Brunelleschi 38-52 erected by Fontana Fra Angelico Freso08 at Sen Marco 40 ifes of Moses and Christ регаресtive panels '26-'27 Parmigianino's Vision of St. Jarome 70's 01-04 Michelangelo's David Roman Letters are created. "80's Bonifazio de' Pitati Trian In Fabruary 1496 Bambo was created by Grifo who worked in the Vanetian prsss of the humanist printer Aldus Manutius. Titian Gypay Madonna Titian Pietá 25-52 Florentine artistic diaspora God the Father Time Governed by Prudence above Piazza San Marco Ghberti's "Gates of Pardise" for the Baptistry '48-'50 34-41 Michelangelo's Last Judgament Pauline Chapel Frescoss 41-49 Michelangelo's 71 Caravaggio born 97-00 "08-12 Michelangelo's Sistine chapel Cailng 92-1600 Fra Angelico's frescoes Chapel of Nicholas V in Vatican palace 20-'38 ROME Benbe Michelangelo's St Petar's Pieti Caravaggio in Rome Cathedral Dome Aa R '52-19 VESUVIUS Leonardo di Vinci 1400 1450 1500 1550 1600 '10 '20 30 40 "70 '80 '90 '10 20 '30 '40 60 '70 '80 '90 09. 1400 - '68 Johannes Gutenberg German goldamith and printer who is credited with inventing movable type printing in Europe around 1439, and mechanical printing globally. Guttenburg prints first book (Bible) in Europe 1455. Mainz Psalter published in 1457. Garamond Typeface St. Bartholomew's Joen of Arc ends the Siege of Orléans and turns the tide of the Hundred Years' War. Spanish Inquisition begins in practise with the first auto de fe Columbus Hans Holbein the Elder German painter, woodcut artist, and illustrator of books. He and his brother painted reigious works in the late Gothic style 09-64 John Calvin, theologian, and reformer. Founder of Calvinisam. discovers America. created Massacre of French Huguenots in Paris. Battle of Aginoourt fought between the Kingdom of England and France (Shaksspear's play Hanry V chronicles this) Jews expelled from Spain. 1483 - 46 Martin Luther, German religious reformer. "84 – 1616O William Shakespeare, Engish author. At least two thousand 1369-15 Jan Hus (aligious mformar) is buned at the stake as a heretic at the Council of Constanca 10-72 John Knox was a Scottish clergyman and leader of the Protestant Reformation who is considered convertad Jews are Jean Fouquet French painter of both panel painting and manuscript ilumination inventor of the portrait miniature. Albrecht Dürer was a German painter, printmaker and theorist from Nuremberg, Germany. COMPILED AND DESONID BY FROFESSOR ERIC CHIMENTI Jan van Eyck massacred in a Lisbon riot Silenantr. EIIE Early Netherlandish painter, considered one of the best the founder of the Presbyterian denomination ilustration design Northem European painters. WORLD ART/ARCHITECTURE RELIGION POLITICS

Italian Renaissance Visual Culture Timeline

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A timeline created for Chapman University's Art 357 travel course to visually show that the artwork and architecture created during the Italian Renaissance did not happen in a vacuum. That politics, r...


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