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ISEF's Fundraising Meter

Help us meet our target by making your donation today! DONATE NOW ► ISEF $30,000 - An Education Foundation PLEDGED: $27,000 - $24,000 - Lighting the Path to Israel's Future $21,000 - $18,000 - RECEIVED: $15,000 - $12,000 - $9000 - $6000 - The ISEF Young Leaders' $30,000 goal is in sight $3000 - and within reach! $0- If you have already made a pledge, please send in your donation as soon as posisble. After returning. from an inspiring fact-finding mission to Israel last June, ISEF's Young Leaders launched a fundraising campaign aimed at supporting 15 BA students in Israel for a total goal of $30,000. By August, the campaign had gathered close to $4,000. Thanks to a spec- tacular response to the Nouriel Roubini event in October-in the Sukkah of ISEF supporters Lisa and Juda Chetrit-the campaign was boosted by $10,000. Pledges have reached more than $25,000. Your contribution will help deserving students in Israel like Shai Malka-a new ISEF student who is the first in his family to pursue academic studies. Shai, age 25, grew up witnessing crime, drugs and poverty in an underprivileged neighbor- studying law at the Ramat Gan Center for Law & Business with the hopes of making a difference in society, particularly hood in Beersheva. He chose a different path. Thanks to a scholarship from ISEF, Shai mentoring and tutoring troubled youth. Here are a few words of thanks from Shai: "Your work and support: is like the sacred and amazing benevolence upon which the world stands. You enable people from under- privileged backgrounds to develop in the modern world and make their dreams come true. I think we have won two prizes: personal support which enables us to learn and advance, and the ability to act as role models for others. Through our actions, we can show that there are different better ways to live. In real life, this can be the light at the end f the tunnel. I am happy to be a part of ISEF and to receive your generous contribution. These words are too small to The ISEF contain your wonderful support and my gratitude. So all I can say is thank you, Foundation 135 W. 29th St. Suite 303 NY, NY 10001 (212) 683-7772 well done and take care." - Shai Malka DONATE NOW ► To read more about ISEF and the Young Leaders mission to Israel click here.

ISEF's Fundraising Meter

shared by lhelfgott on Dec 04
ISEF was raising funds for scholarships. We used this clever collection of books to show the levels they'd raised. This was sent via email to their donors.







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