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International Students at UK Universities: Key Facts

: KEY FACTS International Students at UK Universities Total International Students in the UK Total International Students represent: 13% of all Bachelors' Degree students in the UK 428,225 • 2011 14% of full-time Bachelors' Degree students in the UK 46% of all Masters' Degree students'in the UK 70% of full-time Masters' Degree students in the UK • 2010 405,810 • 100%: total student population in the UK Source: UK Council for International Student Affairs Where do students come from to study in the UK? O more than 50,000 students O more than 30,000 students Canada 5,905 Norway 4.200 • more than 15,000 students • more than 4,000 students Poland U.S.A. 15,555 Ireland 16,855 *7,330 China (PRC) *67,325 16,265 France 13,325 Saudi Arabia 10,270 India 39,090 Nigeria *17,585 Source: UK Council for International Student Affairs W Most Popular Subjects among International Students in the UK Business and Administrative Studies 125,450 Engineering and Technology 53,335 Social studies 36,850 Computer Science 24,215 Medicine 23,970 Languages 23,450 Creative Arts and Design 23,390 Law 19,890 Bio Sciences 18,315 Physical Sciences 12,785 Source: UK Council for International Student Affairs O Some of the Best UK Universities The University of Edinburgh: 16th 20% are international students The University of Durham: 5th 11% are international students The University of Lancaster: 9th 18% are intemational students The University of York: 12 14% are international students The University of Cambridge: 1st 19% are international students University of Essex 40 The University of Oxford: 3 13% are international students 31% are intemational stude. The University of Bath: 10th 23% are international students Source: Top 100 UK University League Table 2013 Did you know that?. ? The University of Aberdeen is the northernmost UK University. ? The father of the Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is professor of computer science in the University of Southampton's school of electronics and computer science. ? Colchester is the only campus of the University of Essex, which is actually based in Essex. Filmings for the Harry Potter movies tool place at the Oxford University, University of Leeds, Newcastle University and Durham Cathedral, near Durham University. ? 70% of Durham University's students marry other Durham University students. ? The University of Bristol was the first higher education institution in England to admit women on an equal basis to men. ? The University of Cardiff, one of the UK's 10 oldest institutions, holds the Guinness world record for drilling the smallest hole. ? Scenes of the Da Vinci Code were filmed at Lincoln Cathedral, near the University of Lincoln. ? Sir Oliver Lodge, physics professor at the University of Liverpool, made the world's first radio transmission in August 1894. U.S. Students at U.K. Universities O US undergraduates in the UK O US postgraduates in the UK 15,555 • 2011 60% 40% • 2010 15,090 Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency Degree Programs Comparison U.K. Degrees U.S. Degrees vs. 3 YEARS * YEARS Duration Undergraduate Degrees: YEAR 2 YEARS Duration of Master's Degrees YES YES Degree International Recognition Degree Focus Focussed on Covers a broader core subjects curriculum * Most undergraduate courses take three years to complete, although in Scotland it would be typically four years. A postgraduate Masters course will normally only take 1 year, whereas PhD will take 3 or 4 years. Costs and expenses attached to studying in the UK Average tuition fee: Average living costs for a student: Travel discounts for students £13,600 per year £190 per week 33% OFF rail fares in the UK Data compiled by Lab Lateral on behalf of Study Across the Pond

International Students at UK Universities: Key Facts

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Do you want to study in the UK but you're still unsure? Here's some stats on fellow international students, advantages of studying in the UK and comparison between US and UK degrees. Read more on http...


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