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The Insider’s Guide to Serif and Sans Serif

THE INSIDER'S GUIDE TO SERIF AND SANS SERIF SERIF SAN SERIF DIFFERENCE Serif typeface has small lines extending from the edges of their letters and symbols, which appear slightly separated from the rest of the structure. "Sans' in French means 'without' and Sans T. T. Serif typeface doesn't have any small projections or strokes appearing on the ends of its letters and symbols. CATEGORIES {} Serifs are generally characterized as hairline, square or slab and wedge. They are either bracketed or un-bracketed. Sans Serifs are grouped into grotesque, neo grotesque, humanist or geometric. USAGE Because the design of serifs make them look distinctive and individualistic, they are visually appealing when in the printed form. Sans Serifs are better for the web because they are easier to recognize and read on a typical monitor of 100 dots per inch. TOP 10 TOP 10 SERIF FONTS SAN SERIF FONTS DROID SERIF APERCU LORA PROXIMA NOVA ARVO BRANDON GROSTESQUE 2014 BITTER FUTURA MERRIWEATHER AVENIR PT SERIF GOTHAM ROKKITT GT WALSHEIM VOLLKORN NEUZEIT ROBOTO SLAB FRANKLIN GOTHIC ALEGREYA ADELLE SANS Serifs are used to guide the flow of the eyes, which doesn't cause strain and stress to the eyes. They also aid legibility. Sans Serif fonts can go through reproduction and smearing without spoiling their simple forms. They are easier for children to read. PROS Serifs lose their quality and character when they are printed in smaller forms. They looked bunched together and illegible. Sans Serif fonts cause strain to the eyes because they lack the horizontal flow which is present in Serifs. CONS Some of the fonts which feature Sans-serif fonts include Helvetica, Arial, Gothic, Calibri, Lucida Grande, Tahoma, Myriad, Century Gothic these serif's are, Rockwell, Courier, Playbill, Prestige Elite and Elephant EXAMPLES TIME facebook. BODY: SERIF VS. SANS SERIF MOST POPULAR TYPEFACE SERIF BODY TYPEFACE ВОТН HEADING TYPEFACE SAN SERIF GEORGIA ARIAL HELVETICA CHAPARRAL PRO META SERIF W 36.5 % 61.5 % VERDANA QUADARAAT MERCURY SS FREIGHT SANS OTHERS 10 20 30 REFERENCES ifs-oh-my?qid=02abaf6b-261a-4d78-9346-779381342d93&v=qf1&b=&from_search=3 ZILLION DESIGNS f /ZILLIONDESIGNS @ZILLIONDESIGNS in /COMPANY/ZILLIONDESIGNS 8* +ZILLIONDESIGNS

The Insider’s Guide to Serif and Sans Serif

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This infographic breaks down everything a beginning designer needs to know about the serif and sans serif typefaces, and distills your choices down to help you find your perfect typeface. We also give...






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