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An Inside Look at College Admissions Today

AN INSIDE LOOK AT COLLEGE ADMISSIONS TODAY The Most Important Factors in College Admissions Want to know what really matters in college admissions? In the 2011 State of College Admission Report conducted by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) colleges were asked to rate which admission factors were of considerable importance. Find out what percentage of colleges consider to be the most important factors in their admissions decisions: B+ Å+ Grades in college prep courses 83.4% Strength of curriculum 65.7% SAT or ACT scores 59.3% Grades in all courses 46.2% 720ps 780, GPA 3.6 Essay or writing sample 26.6% pts Demonstrated interest in the college 23.0% Class rank 21.8% Counselor recommendation 19.4% Teacher recommendation 19% Subject test score (AP, IB) 9.6% Interview 9.2% Extracurricular activities 7.4% Student portfolio 5.9% SAT II subject test scores 5.3% State graduation exam scores 4.2% Source: 1.9% Work NACAC 2011 State of College Admission Report INCREASE IN APPLICATIONS PER STUDENT Source: NACAC 2011 State of College Admission Report 7* 1 in 4 Students now submit 7 or more college applications 25% of Fall 2010 freshmen 25% had submitted 7 or more 23% 22% applications for admission, up from 23% in Fall 2009 2010 2009 2008 and 22% in fall 2008. AVERAGE APPLICATION FEE Source: College Board's annual Survey of Colleges 2010 ------------------------------------------------------ Average application fee is $40 90% of four-year, not-for-profit colleges had an application fee $20 that averaged $40 TICKET a night at the movies for 2 43%) Finding out about your admission status online: (37% For the fall 2010 admission cycle, 43% allowed applicants to check their admission status on the college's Web site, and 37% contacted students by email. Source: NACAC Admission Trends Survey, 2010 WAIT LISTS Source: NACAC 2011 State of College Admission Report ------------------- "If you get an admissions decision back from a 48% 2010 college that says you've been placed on the wait list it means you're not quite accepted yet. After 2009 39% a certain date, if there are no available openings, 2008 35% you will be denied. While some wait-listed students luck out and get a spot, most decide to choose another college. The use of wait lists by colleges to manage enrollment is a growing controversy." EARLY APPLICATIONS Source: NACAC 2011 State of College Admission Report -------------------------------------------- Many colleges offer early application options such as early decision and early action. Students who want to partake in early decision or early action get to learn about their admissions decisions before the general applicant pool. 68% 12% 12% of all applications for Fall 2010 admission to colleges were received through Early Decision. 68% of colleges reported increases in * Early Action admissions in Fall 2010. If you get admitted to a college with an early decision application you must attend that Early action applicants have more flexibility and can attend school unless the financial aid package any school where they've been doesn't meet your needs. granted acceptance. ONLINE APPLICATIONS Source: NACAC 2011 State of College Admission Report ---- - - 85% of college applications are now completed ONLINE 4-year colleges and universities received an average of 85% of their applications online. MALE VS. FEMALE APPLICANTS Source: US Dept, of Education According to US department of education data, females, on average, comprised 56% of applicants to four- year colleges for Fall 2010 admission. 56% 44% Trusted College Conversations College Reviews | Free College Guides | College Advice |Connect to Admissions Advisors II

An Inside Look at College Admissions Today

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The changing nature of college admissions in the US has been the source of much stress and confusion to college-bound students and their parents. To understand how the process of getting into college ...


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