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The Increasing Demand for E-Education

THE INCREASING DEMAND E-EDUCATION FOR THE MANNER AND MEANS BY WHICH WE LEARN HAVE CHANGED DRASTICALLY OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS. MORE AND MORE, STUDENTS AND EDUCATORS ARE TURNING TO ONLINE CLASSROOMS TO EXPERIENCE A NEW KIND OF KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE. ONLINE EDUCATION ENROLLMENT IN THE US, 1 OUT OF EVERY 4 COLLEGES OFFERS AN ONLINE COURSE. IN 2008 THE NUMBER OF ONLINE STUDENTS REACHED 4.6 MILLION IN THE U.S. = 10,000 online students ENROLLMENT IN ONLINE COURSES HAVE SEEN SIGNIFICANT INCREASES SINCE 2008 17% INCREASE IN ONLINE COURSES 1.2% INCREASE IN CLASSROOM COURSES 4.6 MILLION A RECENT SURVEY FOUND THAT THE HIGHEST DEMAND FOR NEW ONLINE COURSES WERE SEEN IN FULLY ONLINE INSTITUTIONS. HIGHER EDUCATION WITH AT LEAST 50% ONLINE COURSES 66% OF THE 4.6 MILLION STUDENTS E-LEARNING, 82% ARE UNDERGRADUATES, 14% ARE GRADUATE LEVEL. OTHER UNDERGRADUATE 4% 50 100 82% HIGHER EDUCATION WITH 80% OR MORE ONLINE COURSES 73% 14% 50 100 50 100 GRADUATE POPULAR FORMS OF ONLINE LEARNING SOCIAL MEDIA STREAMING VIDEO STREAMING AUDIO Learning through social media encourages collaboration, enables user-generated content or input, provides a way to share, and facilitates informal or formal learning. Audio pod-casts have grown in popularity among news sites, educational institutes, and online training tutorial sites. They are particularly successful on iTunes where all educational podcasts are free. Videos are a powerful online learning tool. In 2009 YouTube introduced YouTube EDU which allows the public to search for and view videos by school or subject. POWER POINT GAMES SEARCH ENGINES Online learning tools such as Slideshare allow websites to create presentations to share information in an intuitive way for people wanting to learn online. Games have the ability to turn mundane training into an enjoyable learning platform. Collaboration, problem-solving, leadership, and resource allocation are skills acquired in game play. Audio pod-casts have grown in popularity among news sites, educational institutes, and online training tutorial sites. They are particularly successful on iTunes where all educational podcasts are free. CHATS & FORUMS STORIES Online chats and webinars offer a live, fast-paced conversation to learn and share knowledge. A forum is a place where questions can be asked and answers will be given by others using the site. Online storytelling quickly resonates with the online audience, grabbing their attention, making content more enjoyable to digest, and touching their imaginations. E-LEARNING ECONOMY THE E-LEARNING INDUSTRY HAS BEEN GROWING STEADILY SINCE 2002 WITH A PROJECTED VALUE OF $49.6 BILLION IN FOUR YEARS. 2014* 2003 2008 *ESTIMATE $27.1 BİLLION $49.6 BİLLION $6.5 BILLION U.S. ENTERPRISE E-LEARNING ADOPTION ACCOUNTS HOWEVER, WITH AN ANNUAL GROWTH RATE OF FOR 60 PERCENT OF THE MARKET. 33.5% IN THE E-LEARNING INDUSTRY, ASIA IS SET TO OVERTAKE THE U.S. IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. ASIA'S PROJECTED GROWTH RATE U.S. ASIA/AFRICA/AUSTRALIA 60% 25% 33.5% 50 100 15% EUROPE 1 ONLINE LEARNING VS. O CLASSROOM LEARNING PRO PRO Provides interactive classroom setting that promotes the open exchange of ideas Allows for learning in distant or disadvantaged places Facilitates easy information sharing between the students and instructors Hands on activities in the classroom can be beneficial Students have multiple ways to communicate, via discussion threads, online forums and blog A competitive atmosphere motivates students to work hard at all times CONS CONS Changing technology may create barriers to accessing learning environments Encourages passive learning, limiting the shy students ability to learn Isolates students from one another as well as their instructor Ignore individual learning differences between students Neglect problem solving, critical thinking, and higher order learning skills Self-discipline is important for effective learning to occur SOURCES: ELEARNINGCOACH.COM I WORLDWIDELEARN.COM I HEALTHCAREADMINISTRATION.COM I DDI.COM I MINDFLASH.COM I SLOAN-C "ONLINE EDUCATION IN US" IDC.COM I "THE WORLDWIDE MARKET FOR SELF-PACED ELEARNING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: 2009-2014 FORECAST AND ANALYSIS" AMBIENT INSIGHTS ITHEJOURNAL.COM mindflash com

The Increasing Demand for E-Education

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This infographic provides information about the growing online college community. It provides statistical data to show that online school enrollment has grown in 2008. It also shows the popular forums...


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