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Important Reasons Parents Should Encourage Playtime

KID JUNCTION ABC Important reasons why every parent should learn to encourage playtime. Here are some beneficial reasons why every parent should encourage their children to play. What exactly are the benefits to children playing? There are many great benefits to children playing, for example, toys such as shapes and blocks help develop their cognitive skills. When they run around, they are strengthening their muscles and mind by using their imagination for different games and activities. When they play with toys, such as baby dolls/action figures or play dough, they are improving their speech and language development. Playing with toys in a group, teaches children social skills and how to work well with others. It teaches them the concept of sharing. Why is running around and playing in a park beneficial? The only way to encourage a strong healthy lifestyle and body is to let a child exert energy. This is especially important in today's time with obesity on the rise. What is the best stress reducer for a child? Playing is the number one way to reduce stress in a child. The act of playing is fun and exciting. It lets the child bun off steam and clear their mind of any stressors. Fun activities help a child feel relaxed and refreshed, when they can just focus on being happy. Are there hidden benefits to playtime? Yes, there are many hidden benefits to playing. Overall, playing helps your child become well-rounded. It gives them the opportunity to be constantly learning. They learn the lifelong lesson that persistence is key and to never give up on something that you really want. Accomplishing a goal will help to increase their self-esteem, which is turn leads to a much more successful life. Also, children learn to follow rules, how to follow steps or instructions, language skills and social skills while growing emotionally. Why is the act of playing important? By encouraging a child to play, you are setting correct expectations that will guide them through the rest of their life. If a parent only allows their child to do work, of any kind, and doesn't push for them take breaks and play, the child will never understand that they must find time for both to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. The work and reward method is a good guideline to follow. Always reward your child for the work that they do. As an adult, we know that we must find a healthy balance between work and play to be happy. The same principal applies to a child's life. A parent must teach that healthy balance to their child. Where is the best place for a child to play? Outside. Not only is it beneficial to their health, it is also very stimulating for a child. There are many types of activities that can be done outside to encourage them to be more imaginative and creative, which enhances their mind. A child will certainly remember a fun time they had outside than anywhere else. It is a great way to create memorable moments for them to hold onto. Does it matter what types of 42 activities a child does for playtime? No, there are not specific types of toys kids should be playing with. As long as the child is having fun, and it is not harmful to themselves or others, it is benefitting them in some way. There are different types of toys used to help develop certain skill sets in children. Do some research on the best toys to use to enhance certain areas such as conceptual thinking, math fundamentals, cognitive abilities, Social skills, etc. A huge advantage to playing with toys is that they teach children so much and they don't even realize it. They are just focused on the fact that they are havinga great time, not that they are honing skills to be used throughout the rest of their life, JUNCTION An Infographic byr

Important Reasons Parents Should Encourage Playtime

shared by kidjunction on Dec 30
While it may not seem like much, playtime is a critical element of your child’s early development. There are a variety of beneficial reasons why a parent should encourage a child to explore freeform...



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